Poster abstracts list

List of submitted abstracts ordered by presenting author.

1- Lensing and dynamics: doing without deprojection or Jeans analysis
Presenting author: Adriano Agnello
2- Search for unidentified spectral lines in the diffuse X-ray background
Presenting author: Alexander Gewering-Peine
3- A magnified view of star formation at z=0.9 from two lensed galaxies
Presenting author: Alice Olmstead
4- Automated Detection of Strong Galaxy-Galaxy Lenses in Large Surveys
Presenting author: Brault F.
5- Dark Matter Distribution: A Fully Automated Multiple-Image Finder ALgorithm (MIFAL) and Strong-Lensing Analysis of CLASH clusters
Presenting author: Carrasco, Mauricio
6- The USNA/USNO Lensed Quasar Monitoring Program
Presenting author: Chelsea L. MacLeod
7- Adaptive Optics Observations of SDSS Gravitationally lensed quasars with the Subaru Telescope
Presenting author: Cristian Eduard Rusu
Presenting author: Cristian Saez
9- Critical-Curve Topologies of Three-Point-Mass Gravitational Lenses with Fixed Mass Ratios
Presenting author: Danek, K.
10- Joint lensing analysis of galaxy clusters with kinematic information
Presenting author: E. Sarli
11- Microlensing of Quasar Broad Emission Lines: Constraints on Broad Line Region Size
Presenting author: Eduardo Guerras
12- Exoplanets detection by microlensing
Presenting author: Etienne Bachelet
13- Weak lensing and optical analysis of the SARCS Lens Candidates
Presenting author: G. FOËX
14- A new exploration of the systematics of magnification maps using GPUs
Presenting author: Georgios Vernardos
15- Galaxy-galaxy(-galaxy) lensing as a sensitive prob of galaxy evolutione
Presenting author: Hananeh Saghiha
16- Multiple galaxies and groups among the BIG objects
Presenting author: Harutyunyan G.S.
17- MW Studies of Markarian Galaxies in frame of the Armenian Virtual Observatory
Presenting author: Harutyunyan G.S.
18- Byurakan-IRAS galaxies as massive galaxies with nuclear and starburst activity
Presenting author: Harutyunyan G.S.
19- Bayesian model selection applied to gravitational lens time-delays
Presenting author: Irène Balmès
20- Einstein rings distribution: a semi-analytical approach
Presenting author: Jesús Vega
21- Evidence of microlensing in the gravitational lens systems HE0047 -1756 and SDSS1155 +6346
Presenting author: K. Rojas
22- Microlensing of the Innermost Region of Quasar Accretion Disks
Presenting author: Lukas Ledvina
23- Strong Lensing of galaxies by Galaxy Clusters
Presenting author: Monna Anna
24- Gravitational lensing in presence of plasma and strong gravitational fields
Presenting author: O.Yu. Tsupko
25- SkyMapper and the SkyDice Calibration System
Presenting author: Pier-Francesco Rocci
26- Measuring Magnification Bias in Photometric Galaxy Surveys
Presenting author: Rafael Ponce Aguilar
27- Can we use microlensing to probe the sub-pc binary QSOs and binary black holes?
Presenting author: Yan, Chang-shuo