Poster abstracts list

List of submitted abstracts ordered by presenting author.

1- A low-luminosity soft state in the black hole X-ray binary Swift J1753.5-0127
Presenting author: A. W. Shaw
2- Orbital Ephemeris of the Dipping Source 4U 1323-619: constraining the distance to the source
Presenting author: Angelo F. Gambino
3- Signature of the presence of a third body orbiting around XB 1916-053
Presenting author: Angelo F. Gambino
4- HST/COS and VLT/X-shooter Spectroscopy of the Cataclysmic Variable IR Com
Presenting author: Anna Francesca Pala
5- The first light of Mini-MegaTORTORA wide-field monitoring system
Presenting author: Anton Biryukov
6- Traking the effects of a pulsar radio beam evolution
Presenting author: Anton Biryukov
7- Roche tomography: Mapping stellar magnetic activity in close binaries
Presenting author: Colin A. Hill
8- The Unique Black Hole Binary Swift J1357.2-0933
Presenting author: Daniel Mata Sánchez
9- Searching for Gas in Debris Disks
Presenting author: Daniela Iglesias
10- An Observational approach to AGN feedback
Presenting author: Darshan Kakkad
11- QPOs in Black Hole Binaries
Presenting author: Devraj Pawar
12- Optical flux behaviour of a sample of Fermi blazars
Presenting author: E. J. Marchesini
13- XMM-Newton observation of the highly magnetised accreting pulsar Swift J045106.8-694803: Evidence of a hot thermal excess
Presenting author: E. S. Bartlett
14- Search for magnetic accretion in SW Sextantis systems
Presenting author: Isabel J. Lima
15- Black Hole Acrobatics; the Somersaults and Backflips of IGR J17091-3624
Presenting author: J. M. Court
16- Microvariability of type 2 QSOs
Presenting author: J. Polednikova
17- The Bowen Technique Revisited: Testing the Significance of Donor Signatures in Active LMXBs
Presenting author: Louise Wang
18- Lense-Thirring Precession Around Neutron Stars with Known Spin
Presenting author: M. van Doesburgh
19- A re-analysis of the NuSTAR broad-band spectrum of Ser~X-1
Presenting author: Marco Matranga
20- Do x-ray bursts dream of optical reprocessing? - The optical bursts of UW CrB
Presenting author: Mark Kennedy
21- Variation in the alpha Prescription in Accretion Disks
Presenting author: Miguel González
22- High Energy Spectral behavior of the border line blazar : 3C 273
Presenting author: Nibedita Kalita
23- The SW Sex system KR Aurigae: dynamical mass measurements during low state
Presenting author: Sergio Palomo Nevado
24- Data Analysis of MOA for Gravitational Microlensing Events with Durations Less than 2 Days by Using Brown Dwarfs Population
Presenting author: Sheida Hassani
25- Energy dependence of r.m.s amplitude in 4U 1608-52
Presenting author: Soma Mandal
26- Optimising Robotic Telescope Network for monitoring Transient Phenomena
Presenting author: Vaibhav Savant
27- Merge of two quark stars.Newtonian 3D Hydrodynamic Simulation
Presenting author: Verónica Vázquez Aceves