Poster contributions

1- How to Improve the Measurements and Interpretation of the Intracluster Light in Galaxy Groups?
Ahad, S. L.
2- Properties of Massive Protocluster Substructures using PCcones
Araya-Araya, Pablo
3- Combining SHARKS and the Dark Energy Survey: the power of the Ks band
Bonjean, V.
4- High-z Protocluster Candidates in COSMOS
Brinch, Malte
5- Probing the existence of a rich, complex galaxy overdensity at z=5.2
Calvi, Rosa
6- On the morphological and dynamical state of the CHEX-MATE sample
Campitiello, Maria Giulia
7- Exploring the mass assembly of the Fornax galaxy cluster
Chaturvedi, Avinash
8- Hunting for over-dense region of SMGs
Chen, Jianhang
9- Search for large molecular gas reservoirs in the Spiderweb Protocluster
Chen, Zhengyi
10- Galaxy protoclusters in the era of SHARKS & EUCLID
Chernenko, Nataliya Ramos
11- Morpho-Kinematics of low M* MACS J0416.1-2403 cluster galaxies
Ciocan, Bianca-Iulia
12- Galaxy cluster mergers in The Three Hundred cosmological simulations
Contreras Santos, Ana
13- Cl J1449+0856: excited galaxies and multiple radio jets in the core of a mature galaxy cluster at z=2
Coogan, Rosemary
14- Bridging spectroscopic observations of galaxy clusters and filaments to simulations
Cornwell, Daniel
15- Is ram-pressure enhanced in merging clusters?
Costa Lourenço, Ana Carolina
16- Bar Properties in Dwarf Barred Galaxies from VIRGO
Cuomo, Virginia
17- A Deep Learning Approach to Infer Galaxy Cluster Masses in Planck Compton parameter maps
de Andres, Daniel
18- Clusters’ far-reaching influence on narrow-angle tail radio galaxies
de Vos, Kellie
19- Magnetic fields and particle acceleration in the distant Universe
Di Gennaro, Gabriella
20- VST-GAME - from Core to Filaments: Galaxy Evolution on Large Scale Structure Outskirts at Intermediate Redshift
Estrada, N.
21- The Three Hundred Project: shape and radial alignment of satellite, infalling and backsplash galaxies
Gámez-Marín, Matías
22- Clustering of red and blue galaxies around high-redshift 3C radio sources as seen by the Hubble Space Telescope
Ghaffari, Zohreh
23- Improved strong lensing modelling of galaxy clusters using the Fundamental Plane: the case of Abell S1063
Granata, Giovanni
24- Impact of the Hydrodynamical Scheme on High Resolution Simulations of Structure Formation.
Groth, Frederick
25- Protocluster of Galaxies in Cosmological Zoom Simulations
Hernández Martínez, Elena
26- The Hateful Eight: Matching the Massive Substructures of A2744 with Magneticum
Kimmig, Lucas C.
27- Mapping the Large Scale Structure and Projection Corrected Environment Dependence of the Star Forming Galaxies Back to z ~1.5
Laishram, Ronaldo
28- HI imaging and dynamical evolution of the Abell clusters A496/A85/A2670
López Gutiérrez, Martha Margarita
29- Characterization of Convolutional Neural Networks for the identification of galaxy-scale strong lenses
Leuzzi, Laura
30- Searching for strongly lensed QSOs in J-PAS with deep learning
Manjón García, Alberto
31- Revealing the impact of stellar mass and environment on galaxy evolution since z~1
Mao, Zhiying
32- The effect of Braginskii viscosity on mixing in the Intracluster Medium
Marin Gilabert, Tirso
33- Velocity dispersion of the brightest cluster galaxies in cosmological simulations
Marini, Ilaria
34- The luminosity function of cluster galaxies in the C-EAGLE simulation
Negri, Andrea
35- Exploring the AGN-ram pressure stripping connection
Peluso, Giorgia
36- Gas-phase environmental effects in the Spiderweb protocluster at z=2.16
Perez-Martinez, J.M.
37- Rapid evolution of the most massive galaxies in the Universe
Rennehan, Douglas
38- Investigating the Mpc-scale Environment around the z =7.54 Quasar ULAS J1342+0928
Rojas Ruiz, Sofía
39- Spectral properties of UDGs in A2152
Romero Gómez, Jorge
40- The deepest Chandra view of RBS 797: evidence for two pairs of equidistant X-ray cavities
Ubertosi, Francesco
41- Globular Cluster Formation: Insights from an Empirical Model
Valenzuela, Lucas
42- Satellite quenching was not important for z~1 clusters: most quenching occurred during infall.
Werner, S. V.