Special call for Stella-SES proposals – 2018A

The Spanish night Time Allocation Committee (CAT) announces the special call for proposals for observing time with the STELLA telescope, instrument SES, corresponding to semester 2017B. A total of 97 h are offered. Proposals are due on Friday, December 29th, at 17:00 h Canarian time (18:00 h CET). Large programs are not accepted in this special call for proposals. 

Applicants are reminded that the STELLA 2018A semester runs from February through July 2018.

To submit proposals in response to this Special Call for STELLA/SES programs, authors should use the new latex/doc package and the cat.iac.es application tool and select “Spanish CAT (CATESP)” (see “How to submit” for further help). Note that only proposals requesting the SES instrument on STELLA are accepted in this special call for proposals.

Page updated on December 14th, 2017.