Remote Observations

Since late 2015, the IAC offers the possibility to observe remotely to a number of telescopes. This is a long-term project aimed at the creation of a centralized control room to observe to the majority of the facilities at the OOCC.

Currently, it is possible to operate remotely the following telescopes the IAC80, the TCS, and the first successful tests have been performed with other telescopes.

Moreover, the IAC is part of the SARA consortium, which allows the IAC community to access three more telescopes operated remotely: the JKT (ORM), the 0.90 m in Kitt Peak (Arizona), and the 0.6 m in Cerro Tololo (Chile).

A dedicated user room is available for remote observations at the IAC headquarters. Each telescope has a dedicated computer for remote connection and controlling of the instrumentation. Interested observers should contact the Support Astronomers Group (ttnn_a AT to receive comprehensive instructions. Universities interested in using the IAC80 and TCS for training purposes by connecting from their host institutions are encouraged to contact the Support Astronomers to be informed about the procedure.