Observations Cookbook

Everything you need to know to prepare, execute, and exploit your observations at the OOCC.


1. Proposal preparation


2. Prepare your observing run

  1. Check the exposure time calculator
  2. Check the observability
  3. Check the schedule of your telescope
  4. Check the ephemerids (ORM, OT)
  5. Print finding charts (ING)
  6. Prepare your trip (ORM, OT)
  7. Fill the OD [IAC personnel only]
  8. Reserve your room (at the ORM or at the OT)
  9. Reserve your meal (at the ORM or at the OT)
  10. Reserve your car (at the ORM or at the OT) [IAC personnel only]


3. Observing


4. After your observing run

  1. End-of-run report (GTC, WHT, TNG, NOT, INT, IAC80, TCS)