Observing time through consortia and special agreements

Access to some telescopes is granted though specific agreements between the IAC and external institutions or consortia. The data are available to the IAC community through collaboration with the PIs.

  • SONG : The IAC is one of the SONG partner and has full access to all data produced by the instruments in the network. Moreover, the IAC has a representation in the SONG Steering Committee, which defines the observing programme. Responsible Scientist: Pere Lluis Pallé
  • MASTER : The IAC scientists have access to the data base and data reduction software of all the telescopes incorporated in the MASTER-NET global project. Responsible Scientist: Nicolas Lodieu
  • Earthshine : The IAC Responsible Scientist is entitled to access to all of the data from the entire network, from the date of beginning the collaboration. Available on request. About 70% of the observing time is free for being used by other users, once contacted with the Responsible Scientist. Responsible Scientist: Enric Pallé.
  • SuperWasp : The IAC’s astronomers have access to the entire survey database, as well as to the facilities’ reduced data products in collaboration with Warwick University’s astronomers. Responsible Scientist: Enric Pallé.
  • AstMon : Full-sky images in four bands are collected nightly at the OT. Available on request. Responsible: OTPC.
  • CILBO : Data available on request. Responsible Scientist: Javier Licandro.
  • TAT : The project will offer access to all the data from the entire network under demand. Responsible Scientist: Antonio Jiménez.
  • AMOS-CI : Data available on request. Responsible Scientist: Javier Licandro.