Tiempo asignado por el CAT

Semestre 2011 B

Isaac Newton Telescope

Ref. CATIPNoches ConcedidasInstrumentoProgramaColaboradores
12-INT1/11BKlutsch Alexis1 B (I)IDS Searching for comoving young stars around T Tauri stars
24-INT2/11BCarlos González Fernández2 B (I)IDS A comprehensive search for red supergiants in the Perseus arm
48-INT4-A/11BJosé Alberto Rubiño Martin5 O (II)WFC Confirmation and Characterization of SZ Galaxy Clusters detected by PLANCK
52-INT5/11BMIRIAM ABERASTURI3 B (I)IDS Spectral characterisation of new and poorly-known late-type dwarfs identified with VO tools
73-INT6/11BPeter Erwin3 G (II)WFC Star-Formation Morphology, Galaxy Environment, and the Origin of S0 Galaxies
77-INT7/11BFrancesc Vilardell Sallés6 O (I)WFC Extending a variability survey in the Andromeda galaxy
93-INT8/11BAlexandre Vazdekis Vazdekis1 G (II) + 7 B (II)IDS Expanding the abundance ratio coverage of the MILES stellar library
98-INT9/11Bantonino milone1 G (I) + 2 B (I)WFC The INT survey of multiple stellar populations in Galactic globular clusters
128-INT10/11BJorge Casares Velázquez1 O (I) + 6 G (I)WFC The northern Galactic Plane UV-excess survey: UVEX
145-INT11/11BRicardo Carrera Jimenez3 O (II)WFC An homogeneous database of Galactic Open Clusters color-magnitude diagrams: Clues in the formation and evolution of the Galactic disk
151-INT12/11BIgnacio Negueruela Díez3 G (II)WFC An exact age for NGC 2345