Tiempo asignado por el CAT

Semestre 2012 A

Gran Telescopio Canarias

Ref. CATIPNoches ConcedidasInstrumentoProgramaColaboradores
4-GTC1/12AJavier Licandro Goldaracena C (3hrs)Osiris Characterizing new discovered faint Main Belt Comets
8-GTC2/12AMontserrat Villar Martin G (15hrs) (II)Osiris Feedback in type 2 quasar at z~0.3-0.4: ionized and neutral outflows.
11-GTC4/12AJohan Knapen B (4hrs)CanariCam Mid-IR imaging of small nuclear rings: looking at dusty star-forming regions near a SMBH
14-GTC5/12AAlina Streblyanska G (13hrs) (I)Osiris Looking for overdensity around high-z QSOs using Lyalpha narrow-band imaging
18-GTC7/12AEnric Palle Bago C (10hrs)Osiris Atmospheric characterization of transiting extrasolar planets with GTC as ToO
23-GTC8/12ARemon Cornelisse C (10hrs)Osiris Determining system parameters of a Soft X-ray transient in outburst
33-GTC11/12APatricia Sanchez-Blazquez O (8hrs)Osiris The formation of thick disks
38-GTC13/12ATariq Shahbaz C (6hrs)CanariCam Revealing the nature of X-ray binary jets with Canaricam
39-GTC14/12AXavier Barcons Jauregui G (16hrs) (I)Osiris Obscured accretion: closing the loop in the z< 2 Universe
45-GTC15/12AEduardo Martin Guerrero de Escalante G (5hrs)Osiris Ultracool dwarfs in the Kepler field
52-GTC16/12AAntonio de Ugarte Postigo C (4hrs)Osiris Follow-up of active magnetars with OSIRIS
54-GTC17/12AEnric Palle Bago C (6hrs) (I)Osiris Transit spectroscopy of HAT-P-12b
57-GTC18/12AJose Miguel Mas Hesse G (17hrs)Osiris LARS: the HST Lyman-alpha Reference Sample. 2nd trial.
59-GTC19/12ANancy Elias de la Rosa O (18hrs)Osiris The Late phases of well studied Supernovae
62-GTC20/12AOmaira Gonzalez-Martin C (12hrs)CanariCam The nature of highly obscured and faint LINERs
72-GTC24/12ANicolas Lodieu G (4.8hrs)Osiris Testing the fragmentation limit in the Upper Scorpius association: optical imaging of T dwarf candidates
79-GTC27/12AJose A. Munoz Lozano C (16hrs)CanariCam In Search of Substructure
85-GTC29/12ARoi Alonso Sobrino G (9hrs) (II)Osiris Measuring the mass of the white dwarf in a PCEB system observed with Kepler
97-GTC33/12ADavid Barrado Navascués C (18hrs) (II)Osiris The cluster Collinder 359: lithium age and membership confirmation
106-GTC37/12ADomingo Anibal Garcia Hernandez C (14hrs)CanariCam The formation of fullerenes in Planetary Nebulae as seen by CANARICAM
109-GTC38/12AMarc Balcells Comas O (22hrs)Osiris The nature of massive compact ellipticals at z=1
111-GTC39/12ARafael Rebolo López G (4hrs)Osiris Confirmación espectroscópica de un supercúmulo a z~0.7 en Corona Borealis
115-GTC41/12ASilvia Mateos Ibañez G (21hrs)Osiris The XMM-Newton view of the hardest X-ray sky: a detailed study of the z<1 obscured Universe
117-GTC43/12AJorge Casares Velázquez C (4.5hrs)Osiris Three ToO spectroscopic follow-up observations of faint Lofar-discovered transients
121-GTC45/12AFlorian Rodler C (12hrs)Osiris Characterizing the atmospheres of hot Jupiters
124-GTC46/12AJorge Casares Velázquez O (16hrs)Osiris Extragalactic black holes: are ULXs intermediate mass black holes?
128-GTC49/12AAntonio de Ugarte Postigo C (15hrs)Osiris A systematic search of SN components in gamma-ray bursts
134-GTC52/12ARafael Rebolo López C (14hrs)CanariCam A high-angular resolution view on the planet forming regions around nearby main-sequence stars
141-GTC55/12ADAVID GARCIA ALVAREZ C (57.9hrs)Osiris VSOP: Fixing the variable sky with one-shot typing of neglected variables
142-GTC56/12ARene Rutten O (16hrs) (I)Osiris Orbital periods and mass ratios in AM CVn binaries
144-GTC58/12AAlberto Javier Castro Tirado C (8hrs)Osiris Unveiling the differing nature of GRBs
147-GTC59/12AArtemio Herrero Davó G (6hrs) (I)Osiris One step further in the controversial low-Z massive star winds: Sextans A
153-GTC62/12AChristina Thoene C (10hrs)Osiris GRB environments from afterglow spectroscopy - new insights with a 10m telescope
161-GTC66/12AMiguel Sanchez Portal O (21hrs) (II)Osiris Star formation in a massive galaxy cluster at z~1.4