Tiempo asignado por el CAT

Semestre 2012 A

William Herschel Telescope

Ref. CATIPNoches ConcedidasInstrumentoProgramaColaboradores
3-WHT1/12AJesús Maíz Apellániz3 B (II)ISIS The Galactic O-Star Spectroscopic Survey (GOSSS): Northern stars with 11 < B < 14
21-WHT6/12AMaría Rosa Zapatero Osorio2 O (II)LIRIS Do young field L-type brown dwarfs harbor disks?
24-WHT7/12AJohan Knapen2 O (I) + 2 G (I)visitante Disk kinematics and morphology of S4G spirals
29-WHT8/12AIsabel Perez Martin4 O (II)ISIS Determining the role of bars in the radial mixing of disks
50-WHT12/12ANuria Huelamo Bautista1 B (I) + 2 B (II)LIRIS Probing the atmospheres of the rare Super Earth HD97658b via transmission spectroscopy
58-WHT15/12AGabriele Bruni3 G (I)ISIS Why are radio-loud BAL quasars rare?
71-WHT17/12ATariq Shahbaz2 O (II)ULTRACAM The nature of two new unique high inclination angle black hole X-ray transients
77-WHT19/12APhilip James3 G (I)visitante Star-forming satellites as a probe of environmental effects on galaxies
81-WHT21/12AMaría Begoña García Lorenzo2 G (II)visitante Unveiling the gas kinematics of interacting/merging galaxies
89-WHT22-E/12AAlessandro Ederoclite1 C (1.5hrs)ACAM Spectro-Photometric Target Of Opportunity Follow-up of Classical Novae
96-WHT23-B/12AJosep Maria Trigo Rodríguez4 C (2.5hrs)LIRIS Espectroscopía IR de estallidos luminosos en cometas
100-WHT24/12AIsabel Perez Martin B (9hrs) (I)LIRIS A deep NIR view of the outskirts of spiral galaxies
101-WHT25-B/12AJosé Alberto Rubiño Martin3 O (I)AF2/WYFFOS Confirmation and Characterization of SZ Galaxy Clusters detected by PLANCK
107-WHT26-A/12AIgnacio Negueruela Díez1 B (II)ISIS New clusters of red supergiants towards the inner Galaxy
123-WHT30/12AMarja Kristin Seidel4 O (I)SAURON An integral view of bar-driven secular evolution in disk galaxies
126-WHT31-B/12AJavier Gorosabel Urkia C (1hrs) OverrideISIS Sub-proposal II: exploiting the WHT, LT and INT to study Short GRBs, to monitor long GRBs, and to identify FERMI GRBs.
130-WHT34/12ARicardo Amorin Barbieri4 B (I)ISIS Kinematic follow-up of compact, extremely star-forming galaxies at redshift 0.1-0.3 with high spectral resolution. II
135-WHT36/12APilar Montañés Rodríguez1 B (I)LIRIS Characterization of the near-IR transmission spectrum of Jupiter
150-WHT39/12ADAVID GARCIA ALVAREZ2 G (II)AF2/WYFFOS WHT WYFFOS Spectral Variability of Active Late-Type Stars in the Kepler Field
157-WHT41/12AFrancisco J. Carrera Troyano1 O (II)LIRIS A census of medium X-ray luminosity high mass X-ray binaries
163-WHT43/12ALisa Nortmann3 B (II)LIRIS Probing the atmosphere of the hot Jupiter WASP-48b