Tiempo asignado por el CAT

Semestre 2012 B

Gran Telescopio Canarias

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Categ.Ref. CATIPNoches ConcedidasInstrumentoPrograma
Q13-GTC1/12BJorge Casares Velázquez3 C (1.5hrs)Osiris Three ToO spectroscopic follow-up observations of faint Lofar-discovered transients
Q175-GTC28/12BDAVID GARCIA ALVAREZ G (3hrs) (I)Osiris Proplyd-like objects in Cygnus OB2: large photoevaporating disks or evaporating protostellar cores?
Q182-GTC33/12BJose Alfonso Lopez Aguerri G (7.2hrs) (I)Osiris OSIRIS Narrow-Band Imaging of Shocks in Tycho"s SNR: Cosmic-Ray Acceleration Efficiency
Q1111-GTC47/12BEnric Palle Bago C (30hrs)Osiris Atmospheric characterization of transiting exoplanets with GTC. Part II: Transit spectroscopy
Q1122-GTC52/12BIgnacio Trujillo Cabrera O (21hrs) (I)Osiris The first robust sample of massive galaxies at z = 7
Q1129-GTC56/12BAntonio de Ugarte Postigo4 C (1hrs)Osiris Follow-up of active magnetars with OSIRIS
Q1142-GTC61/12BJavier Licandro Goldaracena C (12hrs)CanariCam Mid-infrared spectroscopy of primitive asteroids
Q1148-GTC64/12BCarlos M. Gutierrez De la Cruz G (9hrs)Osiris The nature of ultra luminous X ray sources
Q1163-GTC68/12BJonay I. González Hernández G (14hrs) (II)Osiris Probing orbital period evolution in the black hole binary A0620+00
Q1164-GTC69/12BIgnacio Martín Navarro O (12hrs)Osiris Kinematical properties in elliptical galaxies through absorption line scanning with OSIRIS tunable filters
Q1167-GTC71/12BVíctor Alí O (5hrs) (II)CanariCam Size and physical properties of the potentially hazardous asteroid (99942) Apophis
Q1171-GTC72/12BChristina Thoene G (2hrs)Osiris Maps of metallicity and shocked regions in the "supernova Ib factory" NGC 2770
Q1175-GTC74/12BAlberto Javier Castro Tirado4 C (1hrs)Osiris Unveiling the differing nature of GRBs by means of a GTC GRB afterglow legacy survey
Q211-GTC4/12BRemon Cornelisse5 C (2hrs)Osiris Determining system parameters of a Soft X-ray transient in outburst
Q223-GTC6/12BAlba Aller Egea G (5.5hrs) (I)Osiris Unveiling the origin of the two known northern sdO+PN systems
Q237-GTC8/12BAlberto Fernandez Soto G (1.5hrs) (I)Osiris Constraining Lorentz Invariance Violation using GRBs and their host galaxies
Q238-GTC9/12BRiccardo Scarpa Ballarin G (19hrs) (I)Osiris Quasars probing quasars, exploring the mechanisms of QSO ignition
Q243-GTC11/12BTariq Shahbaz2 C (3hrs)CanariCam Revealing the nature of X-ray binary jets with Canaricam
Q257-GTC18/12BJosé Miguel Rodríguez Espinosa G (2hrs) (II)Osiris Long-slit spectroscopy of two Ly_alpha interacting sources at z=5
Q261-GTC21/12BJorge Lillo Box G (9.6hrs)Osiris Brown dwarf accretors in an extremely young and turbulent habitat
Q279-GTC31/12BLuis Colina Robledo B (15hrs)CanariCam Mid-IR Imaging Survey of the Most Luminous Star-forming Galaxies in the Local Universe
Q2116-GTC48/12BAntonio Aparicio Juan O (12hrs) (I)Osiris Formation and evolution of low-mass spiral galaxies: RR Lyrae stars as probes of the oldest stellar population
Q2119-GTC50/12BJavier Rodríguez Zaurín G (3hrs) (I)Osiris What is the main mode of star formation in ULIRGs?
Q2124-GTC54/12BChristina Thoene4 C (1hrs)Osiris GRBs and their environments from afterglow spectroscopy - important contributions from a 10m telescope
Q2143-GTC62/12BRafael Rebolo López C (6hrs)CanariCam Spatially resolved imaging of warm dust in the habitable zone of the planet host star epsilon Eridani using CanariCam
Q2144-GTC63/12BMercedes Lopez Morales C (23hrs) (I)Osiris Hot Jupiters Atmospheres: Observational Tests to Thermal Inversion Models
Q2158-GTC67/12BVictor J. Sanchez Bejar C (10hrs) (I)CanariCam Search and caracterization of wide Planetary Mass Companions with CanariCam
Q310-GTC3/12BMartín López Corredoira O (3hrs) (I)Osiris The age of massive quiescent galaxies at z=3
Q332-GTC7/12BMontserrat Villar Martin G (15hrs)Osiris The origin of the nuclear activity in most luminous active galaxies: GTC OSIRIS TTF imaging of SDSS type 2 quasars
Q359-GTC20/12BJosé Miguel Rodríguez Espinosa G (28hrs) (I)Osiris A detailed study of the re-ionization epoch through Ly-alpha emitters
Q386-GTC34/12BKarla Peña Ramírez O (38hrs) (I)Osiris Optical spectroscopic characterization of isolated planetary mass objects in Sigma Orionis.
Q387-GTC35/12BIván Oteo Gómez O (12hrs) (II)Osiris Optical spectroscopy of the most extreme high-redshift ULIRGs in the COSMOS field
Q3100-GTC42/12BOmaira Gonzalez-Martin C (9hrs)CanariCam The nature of highly obscured and faint LINERs
Q3109-GTC45/12BRoi Alonso Sobrino C (6hrs) (II)CanariCam Unraveling the atmosphere of a hot Neptune exoplanet
Q3136-GTC59/12BFrancisco Javier Castander Serentill2 G (2.5hrs) (II)Osiris Caracterizacion espectral de supernovas de tipo Ia del Dark energy Survey
Q455-GTC17/12BJorge Sanchez Almeida G (4hrs)Osiris The remarkable shape of extremely metal poor galaxies
Q466-GTC22/12BAlberto Fernandez Soto O (6hrs) (II)Osiris Rest-frame UV observations of a z~3.5 very massive galaxy
Q477-GTC29/12BDomingo Anibal Garcia Hernandez C (8hrs)CanariCam The formation of fullerenes in Planetary Nebulae as seen by CANARICAM
Q490-GTC37/12BJavier Licandro Goldaracena1 C (3hrs)Osiris Characterizing new discovered faint Main Belt Comets
Q491-GTC38/12BMiguel Sanchez Portal G (8.1hrs) (I)Osiris An OSIRIS/TF Study of the Evolution of Galaxies in the Rich Cluster Cl 0024+16 at z=0.4
Q492-GTC39/12BMaria Cruz Galvez Ortiz G (15hrs) (II)Osiris Measuring the ultracool halo luminosity function with UKIDSS+SDSS
Q4121-GTC51/12BRomano Corradi G (6hrs)Osiris The chemical history of the disk of M31
Q4132-GTC57/12BNicolas Lodieu G (6hrs)Osiris First optical detections of Y dwarfs
Q4133-GTC58/12BAntonio de Ugarte Postigo2 C (5hrs)Osiris A systematic search of SN components in gamma-ray bursts
Q4156-GTC66/12BSteve Boudreault G (32hrs)Osiris Photometric, astrometric, and spectroscopic mass functions in Pleiades, Alpha Per, and Praesepe
Filler78-GTC30/12BDAVID GARCIA ALVAREZ C (80hrs)Osiris VSOP: Fixing the variable sky with one-shot typing of neglected variables
Filler107-GTC44/12BJulia de Leon Cruz C (20hrs)Osiris Visible spectra of asteroids members of the Polana family