Tiempo asignado por el CAT

Semestre 2012 B

William Herschel Telescope

Ref. CATIPNoches ConcedidasInstrumentoProgramaColaboradores
1-WHT1/12BIgnasi Ribas Canudas1 B (I) + 3 B (II)LIRIS Emission spectroscopy of explanet atmospheres: probing the pM-pL boundary
2-WHT2/12BJesús Maíz Apellániz3 G (I) + 1 B (I)ISIS The Galactic O-Star Spectroscopic Survey (GOSSS): Northern stars with 11 < B < 14
21-WHT4/12BJulio Alberto Carballo Bello2 O (I)AF2/WYFFOS Spectroscopic tagging of extra-tidal structures in the outskirts of two globular clusters
26-WHT6/12BMaria Jesus Martinez Gonzalez1 O (II) + 1 G (II)ISIS Spectropolarimetry of Seyfert galaxies: testing the AGN unified model
33-WHT9/12BFrancisco Javier Castander Serentill2 C (1.5hrs) (I) Tpo. ServicioOASIS Diversidad espectral de supernovas Ia del Dark Energy Survey
40-WHT12-E/12BAlessandro Ederoclite1 C (1.5hrs) (I)ACAM Spectro-Photometric Target Of Opportunity Follow-up of Classical Novae
41-WHT13/12BFrancesca Figueras Siñol4 B (II)AF2/WYFFOS Search for kinematic signature of a density wave associated to the Perseus arm.
46-WHT14/12BJavier Zaragoza Cardiel2 G (II)visitante Unveiling the gas kinematics of interacting/merging galaxies
64-WHT16/12BMaría Rosa Zapatero Osorio2 O (I)LIRIS High rotation and linear polarization: exploring the dusty atmospheres of ultracool dwarfs
83-WHT21/12BJohn Beckman3 O (I)visitante GHaFaS Interferometry of Shocks in Tycho"s SNR: Cosmic-Ray Precursor Presence
88-WHT22/12BArtemio Herrero Davó3 B (I)ISIS Searching for self enrichment in the Galactic association Cygnus OB2
94-WHT23/12BIgnacio Negueruela Díez2 O (I) + 1 G (I)AF2/WYFFOS Cool supergiants in the Andromeda Galaxy
102-WHT25-A/12BJavier Gorosabel Urkia1 C (1hrs) (I)ISIS Sub-proposal II: exploiting the LT, INT and WHT to monitor long GRBs, to identify FERMI GRBs and to study short GRBs.
125-WHT30/12BPilar Montañés Rodríguez2 O (II)LIRIS Characterization of the near-IR transmission spectrum of Jupiter
137-WHT34/12BCarlos Allende Prieto3 G (I)ISIS Early Steps of the Milky Way: Old Stars as Tracers of the Formation and Evolution of the Galactic Halo.
146-WHT35/12BNicolas Lodieu4 B (I)LIRIS Confirming free-floating Y-type brown dwarfs in the Solar neighbourhood in WISE/VHS
155-WHT38/12BMarja Kristin Seidel4 O (II)SAURON An integral view of bar-driven secular evolution in disk galaxies
170-WHT42/12BIsmael Pérez Fournon4 B (II)LIRIS Understanding the most massive and luminous high-redshift galaxies discovered by Herschel