Tiempo asignado por el CAT

Semestre 2013 A

Gran Telescopio Canarias

Clas.Ref.CATIPNoches ConcedidasInstrumentoPrograma
Q116-GTC6/13AJohan Knapen C (4hrs) (I)CanariCamMid-IR imaging of small nuclear rings: looking at dusty star-forming regions near a SMBH
Q119-GTC7/13ARainer Schoedel C (4hrs)CanariCamIs the magnetic field near Sagittarius A* related to sub-arcsecond structure of the ISM?
Q121-GTC9/13AAntonio de Ugarte Postigo3 C (4hrs) OverrideOsirisFollow-up of active magnetars with OSIRIS
Q147-GTC19/13AJavier Licandro Goldaracena C (1.5hrs) (I) + C (1.5hrs) (II)CanariCamMid-infrared observations of Deep Impact NASA mission target 2002 GT
Q159-GTC23/13AJavier Gorosabel Urkia G (5hrs) (I)OsirisUnderstanding the mysterious super-luminous supernovae through studying their host galaxies
Q174-GTC27/13ATariq Shahbaz2 C (3hrs) OverrideCanariCamRevealing the nature of X-ray binary jets with Canaricam
Q178-GTC29/13ATariq Shahbaz C (6hrs)CanariCamThe polarimetric signature of jets in X-ray binaries
Q181-GTC31/13AChristina Thoene4 C (8hrs) OverrideOsirisGRBs and their environments from afterglow spectroscopy
Q182-GTC32/13AJorge Casares Velázquez3 C (1.5hrs) OverrideOsirisThree ToO spectroscopic follow-up observations of faint Lofar-discovered transients
Q192-GTC37/13AJohannes Sahlmann C (5.5hrs) (I) + C (5.5hrs) (II)OsirisPioneering an astrometric exoplanet search around ultra-cool dwarfs with the GTC
Q196-GTC40/13AJavier Licandro Goldaracena C (12hrs)CanariCamMid-infrared spectroscopy of primitive asteroids
Q1106-GTC43/13ARoi Alonso Sobrino C (16hrs)OsirisA GTC view of a disintegrating planet
Q1112-GTC47/13AAlberto Javier Castro Tirado C (9hrs)OsirisUnveiling the differing nature of GRBs by means of a GTC GRB afterglow legacy survey
Q1127-GTC54/13AJesús Gallego Maestro O (10hrs)OsirisOn the formation redshift of dwarfs: properties and star-formation histories of distant low-mass star-forming galaxies
Q1138-GTC63/13AMaria Cruz Galvez Ortiz G (26hrs)OsirisMeasuring the halo substellar luminosity function with UKIDSS+SDSS
Q1150-GTC68/13AVictor J. Sanchez Bejar C (14hrs)CanariCamSearch and caracterization of wide Planetary Mass Companions with CanariCam
Q23-GTC1/13ARemon Cornelisse5 C (10hrs)OsirisDetermining system parameters of a Soft X-ray transient in outburst
Q227-GTC12/13ALuis Colina Robledo C (10hrs)CanariCamMid-IR Imaging Survey of the Most Luminous Star-forming Galaxies in the Local Universe
Q231-GTC13/13AEnrique Pérez Montero G (12.5hrs) (I) + G (12.5hrs) (II)OsirisEvolution of star-formation in clusters from z=1.5 to z=0.75
Q233-GTC14/13AJesus Falcon Barroso G (20hrs) (I)OsirisSecular Evolution in Disk Galaxies: the Relationship Between Disk Heating Agents and Stellar Populations
Q264-GTC24/13AEnric Palle Bago C (9hrs)OsirisAtmospheric characterization of transiting exoplanets with GTC. Part I: newly discovered super-earths
Q267-GTC25/13AAntonio Hernán Caballero O (9hrs) (I)OsirisInfrared Power-Law obscured AGN candidates in the SHARDS field
Q293-GTC38/13AIván Oteo Gómez O (2.5hrs)OsirisA peculiar FIR-bright Lyman break galaxy at z=4
Q294-GTC39/13AHervé BOUY G (3.5hrs)CanariCamDirect images of nearby debris disks
Q2108-GTC44/13ARafael Rebolo López C (20hrs)CanariCamMid-infrared view on the planet forming regions around nearby main-sequence stars
Q2129-GTC56/13AIgnacio Martín-Navarro O (12hrs)OsirisKinematical properties in elliptical galaxies through absorption line scanning with OSIRIS tunable filters
Q2134-GTC60/13AJose Alfonso Lopez Aguerri G (27hrs) (II)OsirisUnveiling the Merging History of Central Galaxies in Fossil Systems
Q2141-GTC65/13AAlvaro Labiano C (9.2hrs)CanariCamThe PAH distribution in 3C 236: a test-bed to understand AGN feedback.
Q2146-GTC67/13AMiriam García García G (2hrs)OsirisTowards the first stars in the Universe: massive stars in SagDIG
Q322-GTC10/13AAntonio de Ugarte Postigo1 C (5hrs) OverrideOsirisA systematic search of SN components in gamma-ray bursts
Q326-GTC11/13AJavier Licandro Goldaracena C (5hrs)OsirisCharacterizing new discovered faint Main Belt Comets
Q353-GTC20/13AFrancisco Colomer Sanmartin G (4.1hrs) (I)OsirisSearch of high-z radio strong quasars with OSIRIS
Q388-GTC35/13AOmaira Gonzalez-Martin C (16hrs)CanariCamThe nature of highly obscured and faint LINERs
Q398-GTC41/13ARomano Corradi G (5hrs)OsirisHen 2-428: a SNIa progenitor?
Q3111-GTC46/13ACesar Esteban Lopez O (12hrs)Osiris"Carbon Crisis": Analyzing the C Abundance Patterns in Ring Nebulae
Q3119-GTC50/13ASilvia Mateos Ibañez G (16hrs) (I)OsirisRevealing heavily absorbed QSO2s missed by X-ray surveys with WISE
Q3125-GTC52/13AEnric Palle Bago C (20hrs)OsirisAtmospheric characterization of transiting exoplanets with GTC. Part II: long-slit transit spectroscopy
Q3128-GTC55/13ARemon Cornelisse G (20hrs)OsirisThe nature of the compact object in 4U 1957+11
Q3131-GTC57/13AIsmael Pérez Fournon G (6hrs)OsirisDeep GTC/OSIRIS Imaging of Extreme Starburst Galaxies at 3
Q3133-GTC59/13ARene Rutten G (15hrs)OsirisPhase resolved spectroscopy of two interesting AM CVn systems
Q446-GTC18/13ADavid Barrado Navascués C (30hrs)CanariCamA complete taxonomy of Very Low Mass Object evolution: from envelopes to protoplanetary disks
Q454-GTC21/13ANicolas Lodieu C (35hrs)OsirisProbing the origins of highly magnetic white dwarfs
Q456-GTC22/13ASergio Hoyer Miranda C (12hrs)OsirisOptical Transmission Spectroscopy of the GJ436b Exoplanet
Q476-GTC28/13ADolores Pérez Ramírez G (12hrs)OsirisA survey for the characterization of the distinct host environments of dark and bright GRBs
Q480-GTC30/13ALuis Julián Goicoechea Santamaría O (1hrs) (I)OsirisUnveiling the nature of the object between the two QSOs in SDSS J1339+1310
Q4126-GTC53/13AFelipe Murgas Alcaíno C (6hrs)OsirisNarrow band Halpha Photometry of GJ 1214b
Q4137-GTC62/13ASteve Boudreault G (25hrs)OsirisFirst spectroscopic observations of L dwarfs in the Praesepe and alpha Per
FILLER8-GTC3/13ADAVID GARCIA ALVAREZ C (80hrs)OsirisVSOP: Fixing the variable sky with one-shot typing of neglected variables
FILLER9-GTC4/13ADavid Barrado Navascués C (45hrs)OsirisA lithium depletion age scale based on GTC
FILLER38-GTC15/13AJulia de Leon Cruz C (20hrs)OsirisVisible spectra of asteroids members of the Polana family
FILLER110-GTC45/13ANicolas Lodieu C (56hrs)OsirisA complete spectroscopic census of high proper motion sources in the solar neighbourhood