Tiempo asignado por el CAT

Semestre 2013 A

Isaac Newton Telescope

Ref. CATIPNoches ConcedidasInstrumentoProgramaColaboradores
4-INT1/13AJorge Casares Velázquez7 G (II)WFC The northern Galactic Plane UV-excess survey: UVEX
7-INT2/13ACristina Ramos Almeida2 O (I) + 3 O (II)WFC Exploring the diversity of radio galaxy triggering mechanisms
12-INT3/13AHervé BOUY1 B (II)WFC Dynamical Analysis of Nearby Clusters
18-INT4/13ARemon Cornelisse2 O (II)WFC Testing the formation scenario of low mass X-ray binaries using dwarf spheroidal galaxies
29-INT5-D/13AJavier Gorosabel Urkia1 C (1hrs) OverrideWFC Sub-proposal II, 3 telescopes for 3 sharp GRB science cases: the WHT to study short GRBs, the LT to monitor long GRBs, and the INT to identify FERMI GRBs.
65-INT7/13AJonay I. González Hernández8 O (I) + 7 G (I)WFC The Pathfinder for HARPS-N: M67
86-INT8-A/13ADavid Montes Gutierrez2 B (I) + 4 B (II)IDS Mining the sky for accreting T-Tauri stars outside star-forming region cores
143-INT9/13AMatteo Monelli3 O (II)WFC SUMO: a SUrvey of Multiple stellar pOpulations in globular clusters
152-INT10/13ADavid Montes Gutierrez2 G (I)IDS Mining the sky for accreting T-Tauri stars outside star-forming region cores - Large program
156-INT12/13ARené Damián Duffard2 O (II)WFC A comprehensive study of a special sample of TNOs
158-INT13/13AJavier Rodríguez Zaurín1 O (I)IDS Supersonic Line Broadening within Young SSCs in starburst galaxies: M82
161-INT15/13ASergio Hoyer Miranda B (4.5hrs) (I)WFC Observations of exoplanetary Transits with INT/WFC
163-INT16/13ALourdes Verdes-Montenegro Atalaya1 O (I)WFC Exploring the Outskirts of Isolated Galaxies: The Fossil Record