Tiempo asignado por el CAT

Semestre 2013 B

Gran Telescopio Canarias

Clas.Ref. CATIPNoches ConcedidasInstrumentoPrograma
Q176-GTC24/13BÁlvaro Ribas Gómez C (15hrs)CanariCamA direct look at planetary formation: Probing inner holes of transitional disks in Taurus.
Q180-GTC27/13BNicolas Lodieu G (34hrs)OsirisOptical spectroscopy of nearby free-floating Super-Jupiters
Q183-GTC30/13BAlmudena Prieto C (5.3hrs)CanariCamAre LLAGN powered by nuclear jets with high radiative losses? - The case of NGC 1052
Q1107-GTC46/13BDAVID GARCIA ALVAREZ C (10hrs)CanariCamDust evolution in irradiated circumstellar disks. A CanariCam survey of disks in Cygnus OB2
Q1119-GTC50/13BEnric Palle Bago C (41hrs)OsirisAtmospheric characterization of transiting exoplanets with GTC. Part II: long-slit transit spectroscopy
Q1120-GTC51/13BHervé BOUY C (19hrs)CanariCamOrion Protostellar Binary Survey - OPROBIS
Q1122-GTC53/13BJorge Sanchez Almeida G (9hrs)OsirisThe remarkable shape of extremely metal poor galaxies
Q1139-GTC60/13BAlmudena Prieto C (7.8hrs)CanariCamUnvealing Andromeda
Q1146-GTC63/13BRomano Corradi G (22hrs)OsirisPlanetary nebulae tracing the assembly of M31
Q26-GTC1/13BCesar Esteban Lopez O (18hrs)OsirisC and C/O radial gradients in M33
Q217-GTC3/13BRemon Cornelisse5 C (2hrs) OverrideOsirisDetermining system parameters of a Soft X-ray transient in outburst
Q218-GTC4/13BAlba Aller Egea G (4.5hrs)OsirisThe two known northern sdO+PN systems
Q220-GTC5/13BIgnacio Martín-Navarro O (12hrs)OsirisKinematical properties of elliptical galaxies through absorption line scanning with OSIRIS tunable filters
Q228-GTC9/13BJavier Licandro Goldaracena C (8hrs)CanariCamMid-infrared observations of sungrazing comet C/2012 S1 (ISON)
Q272-GTC22/13BIván Oteo Gómez O (28hrs)OsirisSpectroscopic confirmation of FIR-bright Lyman break galaxies at z~3: perspectives to ALMA
Q282-GTC29/13BDomingo Anibal Garcia Hernandez C (6hrs)CanariCamThe formation of fullerenes in Planetary Nebulae as seen by CANARICAM
Q290-GTC36/13BArtemio Herrero Davó G (8hrs)OsirisTowards the first stars in the Universe: massive stars in low-Z Local Group galaxies
Q291-GTC37/13BIgnacio Negueruela Díez O (1hrs)OsirisA high-mass star emerging from its natal cocoon
Q2114-GTC48/13BEnric Palle Bago C (9hrs)OsirisAtmospheric characterization of transiting exoplanets with GTC. Part I: newly discovered super-earths
Q2121-GTC52/13BVictor J. Sanchez Bejar C (10hrs)CanariCamSearch and characterization of wide Planetary Mass Companions with CanariCam
Q2126-GTC55/13BNicolas Lodieu C (23hrs)OsirisProbing the origins of highly magnetic white dwarfs
Q2159-GTC67/13BChristina Thoene3 C (2.33hrs) OverrideOsirisGRBs as probes of distant galaxies
Q2161-GTC69/13BAlberto Javier Castro Tirado3 C (2.33hrs) OverrideOsirisUnveiling the differing nature of GRBs by means of a GTC GRB afterglow legacy survey
Q2162-GTC70/13BAntonio de Ugarte Postigo3 C (4hrs) OverrideOsirisFollow-up of active magnetars with OSIRIS
Q2175-GTC75/13BMiguel Sanchez Portal G (8.1hrs)OsirisAn OSIRIS/TF Study of the Evolution of Galaxies in the Rich Cluster Cl 0024+16 at z=0.4
Q2177-GTC77/13BFrancisco Javier Castander Serentill12 G (1.3hrs) OverrideOsirisSpectral Classification of Photometrically-ambiguous Supernovae in the Dark Energy Survey
Q325-GTC6/13BJose A. Munoz Lozano C (9hrs)CanariCamIn Search of Substructure
Q327-GTC8/13BJavier Licandro Goldaracena C (5hrs)OsirisCharacterizing new discovered faint Main Belt Comets
Q346-GTC13/13BJorge Casares Velázquez3 C (1.5hrs) OverrideOsirisThree ToO spectroscopic follow-up observations of faint Lofar-discovered transients
Q349-GTC15/13BIgnacio Trujillo Cabrera G (11.5hrs)OsirisUltra Deep Imaging of Nearby Galaxies with GTC
Q355-GTC18/13BAlexandre Bouquin G (20hrs)OsirisChemical evolution of outer disks: A Tunable Filter study of nearby XUV galaxies.
Q369-GTC21/13BMatteo Monelli G (18hrs)OsirisThe Ancient stellar population of Leo A
Q375-GTC23/13BAlberto Fernandez Soto G (18hrs)OsirisTracing the star formation history of early-type galaxies at z~1.2
Q379-GTC26/13BIgnacio Trujillo Cabrera O (21hrs)OsirisThe first robust sample of massive galaxies at z=7
Q388-GTC35/13BSilvia Mateos Ibañez G (19hrs)OsirisBUXS-WISE: Uncovering heavily obscured SMBH growth across cosmic time
Q395-GTC38/13BAntonio Aparicio Juan C (12hrs)OsirisUnveiling an exoplanetary atmosphere through transit spectrophotometry
Q3102-GTC42/13BFabien Grisé C (7hrs)OsirisA search for high-mass X-ray binaries in M33
Q426-GTC7/13BJavier Licandro Goldaracena C (10hrs)CanariCamMid-infrared spectroscopy of primitive asteroids
Q456-GTC19/13BNancy Elias de la Rosa G (20hrs)OsirisLate-time observations of transients followed by the PESSTO survey.
Q485-GTC31-A/13BAlberto Fernandez Soto O (1.2hrs)OsirisAre LGRBs biased tracers of the SFR? Clues from a complete sample of z < 1 LGRB hosts.
Q485-GTC32-B/13BAlberto Fernandez Soto G (6.3hrs)OsirisAre LGRBs biased tracers of the SFR? Clues from a complete sample of z < 1 LGRB hosts.
Q485-GTC33-C/13BAlberto Fernandez Soto O (4.7hrs)OsirisAre LGRBs biased tracers of the SFR? Clues from a complete sample of z < 1 LGRB hosts.
Q499-GTC40/13BJosé Miguel Rodríguez Espinosa C (5.5hrs)CanariCamDoes Star Formation occur in the inner regions of AGN
Q4116-GTC49/13BNicolas Lodieu C (4hrs)CanariCamSilicate spectrum of a proto-brown dwarf
Q4142-GTC61/13BHelena Domínguez Sánchez O (4hrs)OsirisThe Fundamental Plane of massive high-z (z=1.4) galaxies
Q4144-GTC62/13BCarolina Kehrig O (21hrs)OsirisOn the origin of the nebular HeII emission in starbursts
Q4156-GTC66/13BMaría Rosa Zapatero Osorio O (21hrs)OsirisOptical spectroscopy of isolated planets in sigma Orionis (II).
Q4160-GTC68/13BChristina Thoene G (4.5hrs)OsirisA detailed look on the extremely metal poor galaxy NGC 2770B (J090919+330716)
Q4169-GTC72/13BDavid Barrado Navascués C (15hrs)CanariCamMultiplicity in low-mass Class I objects: Taurus versus Serpens
Q4186-GTC81/13BAlexandre Vazdekis Vazdekis O (10hrs)OsirisDoes the IMF depends on galaxy mass or local density?
Filler65-GTC20/13BDAVID GARCIA ALVAREZ C (50hrs)OsirisVSOP: Fixing the variable sky with one-shot typing of neglected variables
Filler97-GTC39/13BRiccardo Scarpa Ballarin C (33hrs)OsirisQSOs probing QSOs: unveiling the CIV envelope of QSOs.
Filler133-GTC58/13BNicolas Lodieu G (52hrs)OsirisPhotometric, astrometric, and spectroscopic mass functions of the Pleiades
Filler155-GTC65/13BNicolas Lodieu C (47hrs)OsirisA complete spectroscopic census of high proper motion sources in the solar neighbourhood