Tiempo asignado por el CAT

Semestre 2013 B

Isaac Newton Telescope

Ref. CATIPNoches ConcedidasInstrumentoProgramaColaboradores
13-INT1/13BCristina Ramos Almeida2 O (I)WFC Exploring the diversity of radio galaxy triggering mechanisms
48-INT2-A/13BFrancisco Garzón López4 B (I)WFC Prácticas de observación máster ULL
50-INT3/13BHervé BOUY2 G (II)WFC Complementing and preparing Gaia: a kinematic census of nearby clusters
61-INT5/13BSebastian Hidalgo1 O (I) + 1 O (II)WFC ESPIGA: early stellar populations in dwarf galaxies
94-INT7/13BJorge Casares Velázquez2 G (II) + 5 G (I)WFC The northern Galactic Plane UV-excess survey: UVEX
96-INT8/13BRomano Corradi4 O (I) + 3 G (I)WFC A panoramic narrowband imaging survey of the outer regions of M33
106-INT9/13BLourdes Verdes-Montenegro Atalaya4 O (I) + 4 O (II)WFC Exploring the Outskirts of Isolated Galaxies: The Fossil Record
115-INT11/13BJohan Knapen2 O (II)WFC Deep imaging of spiral galaxies with Cepheid and TRGB measured distances
141-INT13-D/13BJavier Gorosabel Urkia1 C (1hrs) OverrideWFC Sub-proposal II, 3 telescopes for 3 sharp GRB science cases: the WHT to study short GRBs, the LT to monitor long GRBs, and the INT to identify FERMI GRBs.
164-INT14/13BDavid Montes Gutierrez5 B (I)IDS Mining the sky for accreting T-Tauri stars outside star-forming region cores - Large program
166-INT15/13BYudish Ramanjooloo1 G (II) + 3 B (II)WFC Broadband and narrowband imaging of comet C/2012 S1 (ISON)
167-INT16/13BIgnacio Negueruela Díez3 O (II) + 1 G (II) + 6 B (II)WFC A homogeneous photometric survey of open clusters in the Perseus Arm