Tiempo asignado por el CAT

Semestre 2013 B

Liverpool Telescope

Ref. CATIPNoches ConcedidasInstrumentoProgramaColaboradores
1-LT1-C/13BJose Luis Ortiz Moreno4 C (4.5hrs) OverrideRISE Observation of stellar occultations by TransNeptunian Dwarf Planet candidates
24-LT2/13BAntonia Morales Garoffolo C (30hrs)IO-O Study of nearby, rare and infrequent supernovae
32-LT3-B/13BAlessandro Ederoclite1 C (4.5hrs)RATCam Spectro-Photometric Target Of Opportunity Follow-up of Classical Novae
53-LT4/13BCristina Zurita Espinosa10 C (2hrs) OverrideRATCam Optical Observations of Newly Discovered X-ray/gamma-ray sources.
118-LT6/13BJezabel Rodríguez García C (10hrs)RINGO Multiwavelength campaign to look for the location of the GeV Crab nebula flares
129-LT7/13BJorge Casares Velázquez C (9hrs)FRODOspec Search for correlated TeV/optical variability in the Gamma-Ray Binary LS I +61 303
141-LT9-E/13BJavier Gorosabel Urkia6 C (2hrs) OverrideIO-O Sub-proposal II, 3 telescopes for 3 sharp GRB science cases: the WHT to study short GRBs, the LT to monitor long GRBs, and the INT to identify FERMI GRBs.
149-LT10-B/13BJavier Licandro Goldaracena C (12hrs)RATCam Characterizing ices, organics and dust in comets C/2012 K1 and C/2012 S1
157-LT11/13BNicolas Lodieu C (30hrs)IO-O Parallaxes of low-metallicity M dwarfs
165-LT12/13BLuis Julián Goicoechea Santamaría C (25hrs)IO-O Optical Monitoring of Gravitationally Lensed Quasars as a Unique Astrophysical Tool
174-LT13/13BPaulo Alberto Miles Páez C (64hrs)IO-O Photometric monitoring of ultracool dwarfs