Tiempo asignado por el CAT

Semestre 2014 A

Gran Telescopio Canarias

Clas.Ref. CATIPNoches ConcedidasInstrumentoPrograma
Q16-GTC2/14ARemon Cornelisse5 C (2hrs)OsirisDetermining system parameters of a Soft X-ray transient in outburst
Q113-GTC6/14AMartín López Corredoira O (4hrs)OsirisThe age of massive quiescent galaxies at z=3
Q116-GTC8/14AEnric Palle Bago C (9hrs)OsirisAtmospheric characterization of transiting exoplanets with GTC. Part I: newly discovered super-earths
Q117-GTC9/14AEnric Palle Bago C (23.5hrs)Osiris Atmospheric characterization of transiting exoplanets with GTC. Part II: long-slit transit spectroscopy
Q119-GTC10/14AOmaira Gonzalez-Martin C (19hrs)CanariCam Studying faint and Compton-thick LINERs at MIR
Q120-GTC11/14AJohannes Sahlmann G (5.4hrs)Osiris Pioneering an astrometric exoplanet search around ultra-cool dwarfs with the GTC
Q125-GTC15/14AAlvaro Labiano C (9.2hrs)CanariCam The PAH distribution in 3C 236: a test-bed to understand AGN feedback.
Q139-GTC21/14AJavier Licandro Goldaracena C (5hrs)Osiris Characterizing new discovered faint Main Belt Comets
Q175-GTC36/14AJavier Licandro Goldaracena C (10hrs)CanariCam Mid-infrared spectroscopy of primitive asteroids
Q184-GTC40/14APilar Esquej C (3.7hrs)CanariCam PDS 456: a benchmark for studying the ULIRG-to-QSO evolutionary sequence
Q187-GTC43/14AJavier Rodríguez Zaurín G (24hrs)Osiris The importance of AGN-driven outflows in nearby ULIRGs
Q195-GTC47/14AMichael Beasley O (7hrs)Osiris Constraining dark matter in Virgo dwarf ellipticals via their globular cluster systems
Q196-GTC48/14AAntonio de Ugarte Postigo3 C (5hrs)Osiris A systematic search of SN components in gamma-ray bursts
Q1105-GTC53/14ARomano Corradi C (5hrs)CanariCam The role of magnetic fields in the shaping of mass outflow from evolved stars
Q1106-GTC54/14ARafael Barrena Delgado O (10hrs)Osiris Distant galaxy clusters (z>0.6) associated with the unexplained SZ signal towards the Corona Borealis direction
Q1115-GTC60/14AMartin Guerrero Roncel C (15hrs)CanariCam Imaging the dust of born-again planetary nebulae
Q1133-GTC67/14AIván Oteo Gómez G (20hrs)Osiris The ALHAMBRA survey as a tool to look for high-redshift emission line galaxies
Q1137-GTC69/14AChristina Thoene4 C (2hrs)Osiris GRBs as probes of their environment and clues to their progenitors
Q1158-GTC80/14AAlberto Javier Castro Tirado4 C (2hrs)Osiris Unveiling the differing nature of GRBs by means of a GTC GRB afterglow legacy survey
Q25-GTC1/14AIsabel Marquez Perez G (9.9hrs)OsirisMassive Rich Clusters of Galaxies
Q221-GTC12/14ACesar Esteban Lopez O (9hrs)Osiris Analyzing C Abundance Patterns in Galactic Ring Nebulae
Q265-GTC31/14ADaniel Ruschel Dutra C (5.5hrs)CanariCam Does star formation occur in the inner regions of AGN
Q272-GTC35/14AMin Fang C (4.6hrs)Osiris The star formation history in IC 1396
Q276-GTC37/14AMontserrat Villar Martin G (11hrs)Osiris Mapping the true distribution of ionized gas around nearby obscured quasars
Q279-GTC39/14AAntonio de Ugarte Postigo1 C (4hrs)Osiris Follow-up of active magnetars with OSIRIS
Q292-GTC45/14ACarmen Sánchez Contreras O (2hrs)Osiris Spectral classification of the YSO IRAS19520+2759: the first >30Msun "swollen star"?
Q297-GTC49/14AJavier Gorosabel Urkia G (11hrs)Osiris Understanding the progenitors of short Gamma-ray bursts: is an old stellar population the only option?
Q299-GTC50/14AJohan Knapen C (4hrs)CanariCam Mid-IR imaging of small nuclear rings: looking at dusty star-forming regions near a SMBH
Q2110-GTC57/14APablo G. Pérez González O (28hrs)Osiris SHARDS wrap up: F913W25 data to reach the highest redshifts
Q2117-GTC61/14AAntonio de Ugarte Postigo G (14.2hrs)Osiris Connecting GRBs and the Star-Formation-Rate Density: An Unbiased Optical/NIR Host-Galaxy Survey
Q2143-GTC73/14AAlmudena Alonso Herrero C (6hrs)CanariCam Revealing the nucleus of Mrk 1239 through mid-infrared polarimetry
Q2145-GTC74/14AÁlvaro Ribas Gómez G (20hrs)CanariCam A direct look at planetary formation: Probing inner holes of transitional disks in Ophiuchus
Q2157-GTC79/14ANicolas Lodieu G (13hrs)Osiris Spectroscopic confirmation of ultracool subdwarfs identified in SDSS and UKIDSS
Q2166-GTC85/14AIsmael Pérez Fournon O (21hrs)Osiris The environments of high redshift Herschel selected galaxies
Q310-GTC4/14ANicolas Lodieu G (20hrs)OsirisTesting the fragmentation limit: optical imaging of planetary-mass candidates in Upper Sco
Q315-GTC7/14AAntonio Hernán Caballero0 COsirisInfrared Power-law AGN candidates in the SHARDS field
Q322-GTC13/14ACesar Esteban Lopez G (8hrs)Osiris C and C/O radial gradients in M101
Q332-GTC17/14AEnrique Pérez Montero G (25hrs)Osiris Evolution of star-formation in clusters from z=1.5 to z=0.75
Q354-GTC26/14ARene Rutten G (15hrs)Osiris Orbital periods and mass ratios in AM CVn binaries
Q385-GTC41/14AJorge Casares Velázquez O (15hrs)Osiris Exploring a new population of black hole binaries: the first dynamical constraints for Swift J1357.2-0933 and MAXI J1659-152
Q386-GTC42/14AOmaira Gonzalez-Martin C (5.5hrs)CanariCam Probing dust grain production/destruction in NGC4151 at mid-infrared
Q394-GTC46/14AMaria Cruz Galvez Ortiz G (12hrs)Osiris Measuring the halo substellar luminosity function with UKIDSS+SDSS
Q3107-GTC55/14APablo G. Pérez González0 COsiris Analyzing the environmental effects on the cosmic stellar mass assembly of galaxies at z>1 in the GOODS-N/SHARDS field
Q3121-GTC63/14ASilvia Mateos Ibañez G (18hrs)Osiris Uncovering heavily absorbed QSO2s missed by X-ray surveys with WISE
Q3138-GTC70/14AIván Oteo Gómez0 COsiris Spectroscopic confirmation of the densest galaxy overdensity at z~3 in the COSMOS field.
Q3141-GTC71/14AVictor J. Sanchez Bejar C (14hrs)CanariCam Search and characterization of wide Planetary Mass Companions with CanariCam
Q3149-GTC75/14AJavier Gorosabel Urkia G (12hrs)Osiris Identification of the counterparts of strong MgII absorbers along GRB afterglow lines of sight
Q3152-GTC77/14AAlejandro Luque Estepa C (4hrs)Osiris Exploring the lightning and TLE frequencies in Venus and Jupiter
Q3159-GTC81/14AHervé BOUY C (8.5hrs)Osiris WASP-33b: an inflated hot Jupiter showing glimpses of atmospheric signatures?
Q423-GTC14/14AJohn Beckman G (10hrs)Osiris Escape of ionizing photons: fundamental corrections to abundances measured in HII regions
Q437-GTC20/14ANancy Elias de la Rosa G (12hrs)Osiris Late-time observations of peculiar transients.
Q442-GTC22/14AAdriano Campo Bagatin G (4.5hrs)Osiris What is the cause of the spectral variability of 1996 FG3?
Q451-GTC25/14AJorge Casares Velázquez1 C (1.5hrs)Osiris Three ToO spectroscopic follow-up observations of faint Lofar-discovered transients
Q460-GTC29/14AEnric Palle Bago C (5hrs)Osiris Confirmation of the two largest ultra-short period planets discovered with Kepler
Q468-GTC33/14AMIRIAN FERNÁNDEZ LORENZO G (28hrs)Osiris Study of pseudobulges of the most isolated spiral galaxies in the local universe: clue to primordial structure
Q470-GTC34/14AMontserrat Villar Martin G (20hrs)Osiris Giant Ly-alpha nebulae around z~4 obscured quasars
Q478-GTC38/14AAlmudena Alonso Herrero O (10hrs)Osiris Spectroscopic confirmation of two Lyman Limit absorber candidates at z>3
Q4103-GTC52/14ACasiana Muñoz Tuñon0 COsiris SHARDS-ELGs: Unveiling the nature of the [OII] emitters in the faintest population at z>1 with MOS-OSIRIS.
Q4108-GTC56/14AIgnacio Garcia de la Rosa O (6hrs)Osiris An AGN jet affecting the Intra cluster medium of a galaxy group host?
Q4111-GTC58/14ADavid Barrado Navascués C (20hrs)CanariCam Multiplicity on Class I low-mass stars and brown dwarfs
Q4112-GTC59/14ADavid Barrado Navascués G (23hrs)Osiris A lithium depletion age scale based on GTC: the ASCC127 cluster
Q4118-GTC62/14AJack Sulentic G (11hrs)Osiris Cosmology with Quasars: Eddington Standard Candles
Q4122-GTC64/14ANicolas Laporte0 COsiris Spectroscopic observations of the brightest z~5 and 6 Lyman Break Galaxies selected in the WIRCam Ultra Deep Survey (WUDS).
Q4125-GTC65/14AMaría Cebrián Renau0 COsiris The role of minor merging in cosmological galaxy growth
Q4130-GTC66/14AJosé Miguel Rodríguez Espinosa0 COsiris MOS spectroscopy of high redshift Lyman_a candidates from the SHARDS survey
Q4135-GTC68/14AIván Oteo Gómez0 COsiris Do Lyman-alpha emitters reside in galaxy over-densities?
Q4142-GTC72/14AMarc Balcells Comas0 COsiris The mass dependence of galaxy evolution: an OSIRIS/MOS z=0.6 snapshot
Q4150-GTC76/14AMiguel Sanchez Portal O (10.9hrs)Osiris An OSIRIS/GTC survey of the large scale structure around the Spiderweb galaxy
Q4160-GTC82/14ALuis Julián Goicoechea Santamaría O (2.5hrs)Osiris SDSS J1339+1310: a microlensing factory
Filler11-GTC5/14ANicolas Lodieu C (29hrs)OsirisA complete spectroscopic census of high proper motion sources in the solar neighbourhood
Filler66-GTC32/14ARiccardo Scarpa Ballarin C (16hrs)OsirisProbing QSO physical-pairs
Filler155-GTC78/14AEduardo Martin Guerrero de Escalante C (30hrs)OsirisA search for planets in the habitable zone around the nearby fast-rotating ultracool dwarf LP 44-162