Tiempo asignado por el CAT

Semestre 2014 A

Isaac Newton Telescope

Ref. CATIPNoches ConcedidasInstrumentoProgramaColaboradores
1-INT1/14AHervé BOUY2 O (II) + 1 G (II)WFC Dynamical Analysis of Nearby Clusters
14-INT2/14ASebastian Hidalgo6 G (I)WFC ESPIGA: early stellar populations in dwarf galaxies
45-INT3/14ARaine Karjalainen2 B (II)WFC The Albedo of Hot Jupiters
50-INT5/14ADiego F. Torres2 O (II)WFC Optical modulation of gamma-ray emitting black widow-type millisecond pulsars
82-INT6-E/14AJavier Gorosabel Urkia1 C (1hrs)WFC Sub-proposal II, 3 telescopes for 3 sharp GRB science cases: the WHT to study short GRBs, the LT to monitor long GRBs, and the INT to identify FERMI GRBs.
88-INT7/14AIván Oteo Gómez6 O (I) + 2 G (I)WFC The largest Lyman-alpha survey in the peak of the cosmic star formation history.
136-INT9/14AOvidiu Vaduvescu30 C (1hrs)WFC Recovering NEAs and Eliminating VIs: A Pilot ToO Program with INT-WFC
144-INT10/14ARicardo Carrera Jimenez2 B (II)IDS Radial Velocities and metallicities in poorly studied Open Clusters
161-INT11/14AJosé Antonio Caballero Hernández7 B (I)IDS One thousand M dwarfs