Tiempo asignado por el CAT

Semestre 2015B

Nordic Optical Telescope

Ref. CATIPNoches ConcedidasInstrumentoLarga DuraciónPrograma
35-NOT1-A/15BHans J. Deeg6 GFIES - Verification and determination of masses of candidates for small planets from the K2 mission
60-NOT2/15BMartin Guerrero Roncel3 AALFOSC - Revealing the Detailed Morphology of New IPHAS Planetary Nebulae
64-NOT3/15BRaine Karjalainen4 A (4.5hrs)ALFOSC - Spectrophotometry of the super-Earth 55Cnc e
72-NOT4/15BCarlos Eiroa2 AFIES - Gas in debris disks. Searching for exocomets
77-NOT5-A/15BEnric Palle Bago2 AFIES - Exploring new parameter spaces with superWASP candidates
91-NOT6-A/15BDiego Tescaro1 D (4hrs)ALFOSC - Constraining the Extragalactic Background Light through gamma-ray BL Lacs objects
100-NOT7/15BIsmael García Bernete2 D (II)ALFOSC - The origin of the extended soft X-ray and mid-infrared emission of Seyfert galaxies
110-NOT9/15BLucía Suárez Andrés7 GFIES - Unveiling the importance of alpha-elements in planet formation around metal-poor stars.
125-NOT10-A/15BLaia Casamiquela Floriach5 A 2015BFIES2 semestersThe OCCASO Survey: faint Open Clusters
125-NOT11-B/15BLaia Casamiquela Floriach5 A 2016AFIES2 semestersThe OCCASO Survey: faint Open Clusters