Tiempo asignado por el CAT

Semestre 2015B

William Herschel Telescope

Ref. CATIPNoches ConcedidasInstrumentoLarga DuraciónPrograma
13-WHT3/15BMin Fang2 G (II)AF2 - Spectroscopic survey of solar- and intermediate-mass young stars in Orion
23-WHT4/15BIrene Agulli4 D (II)AF2 - Deep spectroscopy of dwarf galaxies in the Perseus cluster
31-WHT5/15BDavid Sánchez Aguado3 D (I) + 2 G (I)ISIS - Early Steps of the Milky Way: Old Stars as Tracers of the Formation and Evolution of the Galactic Halo.
41-WHT7/15BDavid Jones1 G (II)ISIS - Physical and chemical nature of the planetary nebula Abell 30
47-WHT8/15BDavid Jones2 G (I)ISIS - Constraining the component masses of “fresh-out-of-the-oven” post-common-envelope binaries
61-WHT10/15BEnric Palle Bago2 A (II)visitante - Extreme polarimetry of cool atmospheres
63-WHT11/15BIgnacio Martín-Navarro1 G (4.5hrs) (II)ISIS - Is Mrk1216 a relic galaxy?
80-WHT13/15BPaulo Alberto Miles Páez1 D (4.5hrs) (II) + 3 G (4.5hrs) (II)LIRIS - Weather of late-L and T dwarfs via polarimetric monitoring
84-WHT15/15BTariq Shahbaz1 G (I)visitante - Probing the magnetic field structure in X-ray binaries
85-WHT16/15BJosé Miguel Rodríguez Espinosa1 D (I) + 1 D (II)ISIS - Double peaked AGNs: Binnary AGNs or kinematical efffects
87-WHT17/15BTariq Shahbaz1 D (II)visitante - GASP observations of the pulsar PSR J1023+0038
90-WHT18-A/15BJulia de Leon Cruz1 A (II)ACAM - Compositional characterization of low-deltaV near-Earth asteroids
90-WHT19-B/15BJulia de Leon Cruz2 A (II)LIRIS - Compositional characterization of low-deltaV near-Earth asteroids
91-WHT20-D/15BDiego Tescaro1 A (4hrs)ACAM - Constraining the Extragalactic Background Light through gamma-ray BL Lacs objects
93-WHT21/15BJorge Casares Velázquez1 D (II)ACAM - Black Hole Masses in X-ray Binaries: GRO J0422+320
94-WHT22/15BDavid Morate González1 G (I) + 2 A (I)LIRIS - Near-infrared spectra of asteroids from the Erigone collisional family
109-WHT23/15BLucía Suárez Andrés3 D (4.5hrs) (II)ISIS - Spectroscopy of cataclysmic variables from the MASTER survey II.
119-WHT27-B/15BBartosz Gauza1 G (II)LIRIS - Variability of a planetary mass companion to a nearby M dwarf VHS 125601.92-125723.9
121-WHT28/15BAlejandro Serrano Borlaff2 D (I)GHAFAS - La estructura de las resonancias dinámicas en galaxias: Estrellas contrastadas con gas
136-WHT29/15BFrancisco Javier Castander Serentill2 D (I)visitante - Pilot PAUS: precise photometric redshift for galaxy alignment and large scale structure studies
140-WHT30/15BManuel Linares Alegret1 A (II)ISIS - Weighing a newly discovered low-inclination binary pulsar
160-WHT32/15BArtemi Camps Fariña1 D (I) + 3 G (I)GHAFAS - High-resolution 2D Halpha kinematics of M33: stellar feedback and magnetic field diagnostics