Tiempo asignado por el CAT

Semestre 2016B

Telescopio Nazionale Galileo

Ref. CATIPNoches ConcedidasInstrumentoLarga DuraciónPrograma
19-TNG1/16BTariq Shahbaz3 G (II)DOLORES - Polarimetry as a tool for measuring black hole masses in low-mass X-ray binaries
25-TNG2/16BDavid Barrado Navascués3 A (II)HARPS - The TROY project: confirming the first exotrojan planet
43-TNG5/16BRoi Alonso Sobrino4 A (4.5hrs) (II)HARPS - The optical albedo spectrum of a hot Jupiter
57-TNG6/16BStefan Geier2.5 G (II)DOLORES - Mining the KiDS and VIKING surveys for dust-reddened QSOs
58-TNG7/16BEnric Palle Bago2 A (II)HARPS - Characterizing the atmosphere of an exoplanet with the Rossiter-McLaughlin effect
61-TNG8-B/16BHans J. Deeg3 G (II)HARPS - Verification and determination of masses of small planets-candidates from the K2 mission
100-TNG11/16BManuel Perger7 A (II)HARPS - High-precision radial velocity survey to detect low-mass planets around M-type stars
111-TNG13-A/16BPablo Santos Sanz4 A (1hrs) (II)DOLORES - Observation of stellar occultations by TransNeptunian Objects and Dwarf Planet candidates
119-TNG14/16BJonay I. González Hernández3 A (4.5hrs) (II)HARPS - On the origin of hot Jupiters