Tiempo asignado por el CAT

Semestre 2017A

Nordic Optical Telescope

Ref. CATIPNoches ConcedidasInstrumentoLarga DuraciónPrograma
2-NOT1-A/17AMarie Hrudkova3 A (II)FIES - A planet search among Kepler asteroseismic giant stars
18-NOT2-A/17AJorge Prieto Arranz7 A (II)FIES - Exploring new parameter spaces with superWASP candidates: Ultra-Short Period planets
24-NOT3/17ALaia Casamiquela Floriach5 A (II)FIES - OCCASO Survey: NGC 6603 and NGC 7142
67-NOT4/17ADavid Barrado Navascués5 G (II)FIES - The Lithium-rotation-activity connection: the Plieades and Praesepe
72-NOT5/17ASergio Velasco Muñoz1 A (II)visitante - High-angular resolution multiplicity survey of companions to low mass stars with FastCam at NOT.
91-NOT6-A/17AGrzegorz Nowak4 G (II)FIES - The KESPRINT project - understanding the internal structures of small planet candidates from the K2 mission.
102-NOT7/17AJuan Antonio Fernández Ontiveros1 A (II)ALFOSC - Are LLAGN powered by compact jets?
109-NOT8/17ALucía Suárez Andrés3 A (4.00hrs) (II)FIES - Solving the puzzle: the case of KIC 8462852
114-NOT9/17ASergio Simon Diaz2 A (II)FIES - FIES Spectroscopic Characterization of K2 Blue Supergiants