List of proposals with awarded Spanish CAT observing time

Semester 2018B

Nordic Optical Telescope

Ref. CATPIAwarded nightsInstrumentLarge programProgram
25-NOT1/18BCarlos Allende Prieto6 A FIES - A reference sample of giant stars from high resolution spectroscopy
27-NOT2/18BRiccardo Scarpa Ballarin3.5 A FIES - Testing Newtonian gravity in the low acceleration regime with wide-binary stars, GAIA selected sample
38-NOT3/18BNicolas Crouzet8 A (4.5 hrs) ALFOSC - Exploring the atmospheres of puffy hot Jupiters with the NOT
93-NOT8-A/18BGrzegorz Nowak8 G (4.5 hrs) FIES - The KESPRINT project - understanding the internal structures of small planets from the K2 mission.
136-NOT9/18BPere Blay Serrano3 A ALFOSC - A polarimetric census of Be X-ray Binary Systems
145-NOT10-B/18BPatricia Chinchilla Gallego1 A ALFOSC - Confirmation and Characterization of Wide Stellar and Substellar Companions in Young Moving Groups.