List of proposals with awarded Spanish CAT observing time

Semester 2018B

Telescopio Nazionale Galileo

Ref. CATPIAwarded nightsInstrumentLarge programProgram
31-TNG2/18BSusana Iglesias Groth1.5 A GIARPS - Determining the abundance of fullerenes in protoplanetary disks
62-TNG6-A/18BNuria Casasayas Barris6 A 2018BGIARPS1 semesterAtmospheric characterization of exoplanets using high resolution spectroscopy
93-TNG13-B/18BGrzegorz Nowak6 G (4.5 hrs) HARPS - The KESPRINT project - understanding the internal structures of small planets from the K2 mission.
125-TNG15/18BFelipe Murgas Alcaíno1 A (4.5 hrs) HARPS - Measuring the Rossiter-McLaughlin effect of Qatar-8
141-TNG16-A/18BCarlos Cardona Guillén4 G (4.5 hrs) GIARPS - The search for exoplanets in young open clusters and star forming regions
144-TNG17/18BBorja Toledo Padrón7 A GIARPS - High-precision radial velocity survey to detect short-period low-mass planets around M-type stars