We invite the community to present works on the following topics:

  • Spectroscopic Surveys
  • Gaia DR3
  • Photometric surveys
  • Distance scale
  • The Milky Way (structure, streams, halo, bulge, disc)
  • Local Group galaxies
  • Future instrumentation, projects, data analysis  techniques
  • Theory and pulsation models,
  • Stellar evolution models Rotation, Atmospheric dynamics, binarity
  • Blazhko, Petersen diagram

We are aware that the abstract submission deadline is fixed for a couple of  weeks before the next Gaia DR3 release. In order to ensure the proper emphasis, we plan a full session dedicated to results based on Gaia DR3 data. Therefore, related abstract can be submitted until August 31, 2022.

Confirmed Invited speakers

Richard Anderson (EPFL, Switzerland) Distance scale: young stellar indicators
Giuseppina Battaglia (IAC, Spain) The WEAVE surveys
Vittorio Braga (IAC, Spain) Pulsating variable stars in the Galactic Bulge
Marcio Catelan (Univ. Catolica, Chile) Photometric ground-based surveys
Cristina Chiappini (AIP, Germany) Large scale spectroscopic surveys
Gisella Clementini (INAF Bologna, Italy) Pulsators in GAIA DR3
Eva Grebel (ZAH, Germany) Milky Way structure
Zeljko Ivezic (Univ. of Washington, USA) Rubin Observatory as a survey facility
Barry Madore (Carnegie Inst. Science, USA) Distance scale: old stellar indicators
Marcella Marconi (INAF Naples, Italy) Stellar pulsation models
Clara Martínez-Vázquez (Gemini-NOIR Lab., USA) Pulsating stars in LG galaxies
Andrea Miglio (Univ. Bologna, Italy) Ensemble asteroseismology in surveys
Nicolas Nardetto (OCA, France) Classical Pulsators as distance ladders
Henryka Netzel (Konkoly Obs., Hungary) Blazhko effect and Petersen diagrams
Emese Plachy (Konkoly Obs., Hungary) Photometric space-based surveys
Dorota Skowron (Warsaw University, Poland) Pulsating stars in Magellanic Clouds