Extra activities

Sunday, October 1: Visit to Tajogaite volcano, Cumbre Vieja's new volcano. Departure time 15h. Meeting point:  Restaurante Casa indianos , Avenida Los Indianos. Santa Cruz de La Palma.

Monday, October 2: Welcome cocktail reception, 18:30h,  Casa Salazar, Santa Cruz de La Palma.

Monday, October 2: Public Talk in the Teatro Circo de Marte, 19:30.

Tuesday, October 3rd: Historical and cultural visit to Santa Cruz de La Palma. Departure time 18:30. Meeting point: Teatro Circo de Marte.

Wednesday, October 4th: Visit to the Observatorio del Roque de Los Muchachos (ORM) and to the ORM Interpretation Center. Departure time: 12:30. Meeting point: Avda. Marítima, n.48, Santa Cruz de La Palma.

Thursday, October 5: Closing dinner in the Club Naútico. Starparty-symbolic "Blackout"  and musical event in Museo Insular de La Palma.

Friday, October 6: Astronomical observation in Fuencaliente and visit to the older volcano.


Tajogaite Volcano Route - Sunday 1st October. 

Bus route to discover the recent Tajogaite volcano and the volcanic ridge to which it belongs, known as Cumbre Vieja.  

This ridge, which extends to the south of the island, is one of the most active volcanic complexes of all the Canary Islands.   Proof of this are the two other eruptions that have taken place in the last 74 years, such as those of San Juan in 1949 (which we will see during the route) and Teneguía in 1971 (which we will visit during the activity scheduled for Friday 6th October). 

Tajogaite (also known as Cabeza de Vaca, Todoque or Cumbre Vieja Volcano) began its eruption on the 19th of September 2021, ending on the 13th of December of the same year, after 85 days of activity. 

The route, starting and finishing in Santa Cruz de La Palma, will cross the 3 affected municipalities (El Paso, Los Llanos de Aridane and Tazacorte).  Stops will be made at spectacular viewpoints to admire the volcano, crossing the lava to appreciate the power of the eruption and visiting the Interpretation Centre of the Volcanic Cavities - Caños de Fuego.

15:00 h: Departure from   Restaurante Casa indianos , Avenida Los Indianos.S/C de La Palma 

16:15 h: Visit to the Caños de Fuego Visitor Centre. 

18:00 h: Departure from the Visitor Centre (crossing the lava from South to North).

18:45 h: Visit to the Tajogaite Volcano Viewpoint (Tacande). 

19:57 h: Sunset. 

20:15 h: Return to Santa Cruz de La Palma. 

21:00 h: Arrival in Santa Cruz de La Palma. 


Bring water, cap, comfortable clothes and footwear.

Historical and cultural visit to Santa Cruz de La Palma. Tuesday  3rd October

Route in which we will discover many unique places of the capital of the island, such as its streets, monuments and castles, and we will get to know some of its secrets.  

Santa Cruz de La Palma was founded in 1493.  From its origins it had a flourishing trade and its connectivity with the Indies made it the third most important port in Europe, visited by many Flemish and Genoese ships.  In its history it suffered several pirate attacks, such as that of the famous and feared corsair Le Clerc, known as "Pata de Palo", in 1553. 

This city has important historical landmarks, such as having the first democratic town council in Spain in 1973. In 1894 it was the sixth city in the world to use electric street lighting, and the famous carnival festival of "Los Indianos" is held in its streets. 

We will immerse ourselves in the past, in a city where time seems to stand still. 

Starting time: 18:30 h. 

Starting point: Circo de Marte.

Starparty - Symbolic "Blackout". Thursday  5th October

For more than thirty years the island of La Palma has been an example of compliance with the "Ley del Cielo" or “Sky Law” (31/1988).  A pioneering law that not only protects and affects the sky of this island, but also those municipalities of Tenerife that look towards La Palma.  An initiative that has not only safeguarded professional astrophysicists, but has also been useful for environmental protection and the economic development of Astrotourism. 

In 2007 and on this island, specifically in Santa Cruz de La Palma, the First International Starlight Conference was held, resulting in the now internationally known "Starlight Declaration of La Palma, in Defence of the Sky and the Right to See the Stars", a declaration of principles and objectives. 

And now, taking advantage of the celebration of this congress, the Cabildo and the Town Hall, together with companies from the astro-tourism sector of La Palma, are joining forces to carry out a symbolic commemorative switch-off in squares in the municipality.

Activity timetable: From 21:00 h. to 23:00 h. 

Place:  Museo Insular de La Palma.

Institutional and musical event: piano and music quartet,  21:30 h.

Fuencaliente Route - Friday 6th October. 

Bus route to get to know the southern cone of the island of La Palma. 

Departing and returning from Santa Cruz de La Palma we will visit Fuencaliente (certified as a "Starlight Municipality"), passing through Villa de Mazo. 

We will have a close look at the spectacular natural sites of the Teneguía Volcano (1971), which is part of the active volcanic ridge known as Cumbre Vieja, to which the recent eruption of Tajogaite (2021) also belongs. 

The activity will end with a visit to the San Antonio Volcano Visitor Centre, in Los Canarios, and an astronomical observation, accompanied by a tasting of typical local products.  

18:00 h: Departure from Santa Cruz de La Palma.

19:00 h: Visit to Teneguia Volcano Viewpoint.

19:30 h: Visit to the San Antonio Volcano Visitor Centre (19:51 h. Sunset).

20:30 h: Tasting break. 

20:45 h: Beginning of astronomical observation (21:10 h. astronomical twilight).

21:30 h: End of astronomical observation

22:10 h: Arrival in Santa Cruz de La Palma. 


Bring water, warm, comfortable clothes and footwear.