Topics include, but are not limited to:

Software Development

  • Satellite ephemerides

  • Position predictions, avoidance, masking, artifact removal, etc

  • Software demonstrations

Updates in Observations

  • Astronomical Observations (optical, radio)

  • Observation of satellites [hands on workshop]

Brightness testing and modeling

  • BRDF modeling and hardware testing

Mitigation measures

  • Mitigation measures and best practices guidelines by industry

  • Mitigation measures and best practices guidelines by the astronomy community

  • Updated Technical Requirements

Industry Perspectives

  • Operational resources

  • Outreach Plan for Stakeholders & Public

  • Reference & Educational Materials

  • Mitigations & Analytical Tools

  • Space Safety Initiatives Helpful to Astronomy

  • Implementation of Best Practices & Mitigations

Policy Developments

  • IAU and UN COPUOS updates

  • International law and policy framework

  • Analysis of individual national approaches

  • Space Sustainability Rating

  • Emerging threats

  • Panel Discussion: Toward a long-term sustainability approach

Communications, Education, Outreach and Engagement

  • Resource developed to provide a foundation in the areas of

    • Satellite Basics

    • Satellite Constellation Design and Operation

    • Impacts on the Earth/Space Environment

    • Impacts on Optical and Infrared Astronomy

    • Impacts on Radio Astronomy

    • Impacts on Biology, Culture and Heritage

    • Legal and Policy Considerations

    • Mitigations 

  • Watch party of video resources

IAU CPS: Purpose, Structure, Activities, Accomplishments and Future Plans for 

  • SatHub 

  • The Industry & Technology Hub 

  • The Policy Hub

  • The Community Engagement Hub