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The ERA Chair holder - Prof. Jeffrey Kuhn

Prof. Jeff Kuhn  has positions at the University of Hawaii and MorphOptic, Inc .
Jeff founded Morph Optic to advance novel optical solutions for telescope systems, including Machine Learning and Thin Mirror technologies.

The proposed ERA Chair has had a long-time connection with IAC, dating back almost 4 decades to an early IAC Winter school. He is committed to blending his 40 years of experience and his collaborative network of scientists, engineers and students to create a unique research group at the IAC whose skills are not reproduced anywhere else. His success as the founding director of the University of Hawaii’s Institute for Astronomy Advanced Technology Research Center on Maui and as the driving force to build the unique off-axis Advanced Technology Solar Telescope (now the Daniel K. Inouye Solar Telescope ) on Haleakala Maui, will be considered a “warmup” for this upcoming work with IAC and the European Widening Programme .