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The LIOM Research Team is integrated by the following research staff at IAC:

Moreover, the following external collaborators are members of the International External Collaborators' Advisory Body:

Moreover, the project will recruit outstanding researchers and engineers with established skills in machine learning, continuous mechanical systems, optics and photonics and mechanical laboratory techniques. The team will be complemented by a laboratory technician to support the optics and mechanics lab and the information technology systems,  3 PhD students to do research related to optics, wavefront control and optomechanics and a full-time project manager. See below our
Job pre-announcement. 

To help establish this network and its cross-disciplinary research goals we will co-locate the new LIOM research team in the IACTEC facility. This will be ergonomically designed to facilitate open collaboration for both local (IAC own resources) and virtual (Advisory Board) participating members. In fact, a significant draw for our non-local participants will be our broad non-astronomical scientists/engineers and our developing optomechanics laboratory space at IACTEC that will be available to all. Our external collaborators will be encouraged to send their graduate students to LIOM for intermittent, but ongoing collaborations with LIOM’s team.