UltraCompCAT A Catalogue of Ultra-Compact and Short Orbital Period X-ray Binaries

UltraCompCAT is a thorough and comprehensive catalogue containing the most updated information about Ultra-Compact X-ray Binaries (UCXBs) and short orbital period Low-Mass X-ray Binaries (LMXBs).

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UCXBs in the galaxy - plane view
Fig 1: Galactic distribution of the confirmed UCXBs (yellow), candidates (orange) and short-period LMXBs (green) in Galactic coordinates. Systems located in globular clusters are marked with stars rather than circles. Background images credit: ESA/Gaia/DPAC.
Porb of UCXBs
Fig 2: Top panel: Histogram of the orbital period of UCXBs and short-period LMXB systems, plotted in 10 min bins (grey) and 5 min bins (blue for all (field + GC) systems and green for those located in GCs). The canonical 80 min that defines bona fide UCXBs limit is shown in a dotted black line. Lower panel: Percentage of systems accreting persistently.
Porb of UCXBs
Fig 3: Cumulative histogram of UCXBs and short orbital period LMXBs detected since the beginning of the X-ray astronomy era. The black bars represent the confirmed UCXBs.

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Last modified: 24 November 2023.