Condor Code of Conduct

Condor is a terrific tool for performing parametric studies and other type of jobs that can run simultaneously and independently in a number of machines. Nevertheless, under certain circumstances, if you are not careful you can bring the network to a crawl. To avoid these situations, please stick to this simple code of conduct:

1) Submit jobs only from your machine or from a machine whose owner you have contacted and is aware of the extra load that you will put on it. No submission from public machines, sorry! (For each Condor running job, there is a process running in the submitting machine, plus lots of network connections, so the submitting machine pays a big toll, which is not fair to pass it to someone else unawares).

2) If you plan to run I/O intensive code (i.e. code that reads or writes to disk very large files, or small ones but very often), get in touch with me first. Depending on how I/O intensive your code is, it might not be worth it to use Condor, or I might be able to offer you counsel on how to best do it. Hopefully your Condor submission will perform faster if we take this into account.

3) Test your submission. Don't go nuts and submit a 10000 jobs submission without first making sure the whole thing will work with a smaller subset. Start small, verify that things are going OK, check the logs to see that the jobs can access all the necessary files, etc. and only when you are satisfied that things are working go for the big submission.

Please stick to these basic rules so that we can avoid Condor affecting other users' work.

Angel de Vicente ()