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The newsletter of the SIE de Investigación y Enseñanza N. 9 - June 2006

"How to Reduce InfraRed Data and Not Die in the Attempt", Wednesday 14 June at 12.30, by Jose Acosta

In this talk Jose will explain us the techniques and the programs to reduce near-infared data, both imaging and spectroscopy. The full abstract in spanish can be found in the SIE´s Talks and Courses Web page.

Update of IDL to v6.3

In about one week, IDL v6.3 will become the default IDL version. "The most feature-loaded release since IDL 6.0, IDL 6.3 provides powerful, new core visualization and analysis functionality, and new capabilities that allow data analysts and developers to leverage IDL's power in multiple software environments". To learn more about IDL 6.3, visit What's New in IDL 6.3. Also, now widget_olh launches an updated help interface which reflects the current installation of several local IDL libraries. If you have a local installation of IDL (such as in a laptop), but configured to use the IAC floating licenses, you may need to update the license file in /usr/pkg/rsi/license/ (or similar path) with this license file for IDL v6.3. IDL 6.2 will be still available (start it with idl62, idlde62, etc.), but please note that only v6.3 is fully supported in RedHat Enterprise Linux 4.

Upgrade of Linux machines to kernel 2.6

As you are probably aware, the operating system (OS) in the Linux machines at the IAC is being upgraded to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 (shipping kernel 2.6 which should solve some of the problems encountered with the previous one). Though extensive testing has been performed to iron out possible problems, it is inevitable that some will surface. As we become aware of problems/quirks/differences of this new OS, we will document them at the Kernel Update Info page. This page is editable by anyone, so if you have your own tips, solutions, etc. feel free to edit it.

Read ApJ, AJ, A&A, MNRAS etc. from home

Have you ever dreamed about sitting comfortably at home on your sofa, reading an interesting ApJ paper on your laptop's screen, while munching some chips and sipping a glass of good, refreshing beer? Now you can make this dream a reality! Just follow the simple instructions in our Angelv.WorkAtHome Wiki page. If you have any problems trying to set the tunnels up, or to use the IAC Web sproxy, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Would you like to contribute to the SIEpedia?

The great success of the "Wikipedia", the free encyclopedia built collaboratively using Wiki software and that anyone can edit, prompted us to start a similar, though somewhat less ambitious, project: the SIEpedia. The SIEpedia, which complements the existing SIE website, will over time host Tutorials, HowTos, FAQs, and UsersTips pages with suggestions, code snippets, small scripts etc. (see IDL, LaTeX, IRAF) contributed and editable by all users. If you wish to add your own contribution, just edit the corresponding page, or send us the text and we will edit the Wiki page for you. Many thanks to Veronica Melo for collecting and making available all the Users Tips already available in the SIEpedia.
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