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The newsletter of the SIE de Investigación y Enseñanza N. 19 - June 2007

Course on Advanced Programming and Parallel Computing (F90) - Starting June 11th

As it was advertised in our February Newsletter, we are organizing a Course on Advanced Programming and Parallel Computing (with Fortran 90), which will take place from June 11 to June 25. Details of the course can be found at the SIE Forum. There are still some places available, so if you would like to join, hurry up and show your interest by replying to the Forum topic or by sending an e-mail to Ángel de Vicente ().

Intel Fortran and C/C++ Compilers

Licensing terms for the Intel Fortran and C/C++ compilers have changed from previous versions, which means we are not eligible for either non-commercial or academic versions anymore. Therefore we bought 2 floating licenses for each compiler, which will be available shortly for use in both the Chimera cluster and in your workstations. If you have computationally demanding code in either Fortran or C/C++ and you currently use gcc to compile it, you should consider using the Intel compilers, as performance gains of 30-40% are not unusual. Get in touch with us if you want more information.

Condor moved to virtual (Xenified) servers.

As you know, the support for Sun machines at the IAC is ending at the end of July. The Condor system at the IAC needs two servers, both of them being serviced by Sun machines until now. Since we had to move them to a Linux platform, we decided to go one step further, and both servers are now running virtualized in just one physical host, thanks to the Xen virtual machine monitor. This makes Condor the first production service at the IAC to run virtualized, thus making maintenance easier and helping us to save money by requiring less hardware and by decreasing running costs such as electricity and air conditioning needs. Overall, a win-win situation!

New software packages

The new software packages installed in May are:
  • FromRC3, a Tcl/Tk based tool developed by Leonel Gutierrez to select galaxies from the RC3 catalog according to redshift, morphological type, coordinates, etc.
  • TexMaker, an open source multiplatform LaTeX development environment written using Qt, quite similar to Kile.
  • SWarp, a program that resamples and co-adds together FITS images using any arbitrary astrometric projection defined in the WCS standard.
  • QFitsView, a FITS file viewer similar to SAOimage, DS9, and the like, written using the cross-platform QT library.
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