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The newsletter of the SIE de Investigación y Enseñanza N. 16 - March 2007

SIEminar: "PyRAF: IRAF from a Pythonian point of view", by Ruyman Azzollini, Wednesday 14 March 12.30

In this Sieminar Ruyman will give us a brief and practical introduction to PyRAF. This software package provides a handy and efficient way to use IRAF, both in "console" and "scripting" modes. Perhaps, the scripting abilities are the ones which add more value to the common use of IRAF. This is because of its Python related properties, namely 1) a clearer and much more flexible and powerful programming syntaxis, 2) the possibility of integrating IRAF and non-IRAF related tasks in the same script, including the large family of Python modules and 3) easier debugging of scripts. In brief, we will learn how to 1) use the PyRAF command interpreter, 2) make a python script that uses IRAF/PyRAF tasks, 3) define tasks in PyRAF and 4) a few tips from one who has played a bit with this "toy" for adult astronomers.

Guidelines about machines and scratch disks for those users leaving the IAC

The "Comisión de Investigación" 02/2007 on 27 February approved some guidelines about the responsibilities on machines and scratch disks of those users leaving the IAC. The full guidelines are set out in the spanish document Normativa sobre el material informático al abandonar el IAC. The relevant points are:
  • The "SIE de Investigación y Enseñanza" understands that all users who abandon the IAC (or move out of their office and become collaborators) leave their machines and scratch disks at complete disposal of the Research and Teaching Areas for their reassignment or withdrawal from service.
  • The users (and, when applicable, their IPs) are fully responsible for making sure that they have a copy of all their data before leaving the IAC.
  • Neither the SIE nor the SIC are responsible for the data left in a machine that has been reassigned or withdrawn.
  • In the case of machines belonging to some project, it's responsibility of the users or of their IPs to inform in advance the SIE about specific plans for such machines (for instance, reassignment to a new member of the project).

Server migration

Recently we migrated the Research Area, MultiMedia Service and SIE Web pages from marta, the SIE development and test server, to goya, the central server hosting the IAC intranet. Please take note of the new addresses and update your bookmarks: (Have you noticed we have also changed our logo?)
Should you find any errors or problems please do not hesistate to let us know by writing to .

Update of LIRISDR package

LIRISDR, the iraf external package developed here at the IAC to reduce LIRIS data, has been upgraded to version 2.5. Noteworthy changes are: improved object masking for the ldedither routine; possibility to save an exposure image and rejection cube for ldedither; simplified use of lspnodcomb (input file contains only images to be combined). It is recommended to unlearn LIRISDR and its tasks to avoid problems with modified task parameters. Please report any problems or suggestions to Jose Acosta Pulido, .

Telarchive and Aladin upgraded

An updated version of P. Erwin's archive-searching script, telarchive v1.1-rc1, is now available. The main advantage is that it now works with the new Simbad interface (Simbad switched over several months back, so the older script was no longer looking up object coordinates properly). It also includes DR5 of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, the Multimission Archive at STScI (IUE, FUSE, GALEX, etc.), and preliminary support for Gemini and SMOKA. For further details, visit P. Erwin's telarchive webpage. Type telarchive --help for usage help.
Also, Aladin has been updated to the latest version, v4.006.
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