Here some pictures of several settings of the AOLI evolution configuration are showed


AOLI original configuration mounted in Lab. Behind, at the background the module for Simulation and Calibration (SIMCAL) for achromatic  source.


Detail of the achromatic SIMCAL inserting a punctual source by means of an optical fiber (9µm, orange). A laser light can be inserted with an optical fibre of  63µm for allignements purposes.

The original configuration on the optical table of the DM subsystem.


The achromatic SIMCAL in more detailled view.


The divisor and projector lenses for pupil image in photon-counting mode detectors (E2V EMCCD)  originally mounted in AOLI.


Original SCI module in a view of WFS module with two detectors in cryostats and in middle "plan-B" for Tomographic Pupil Image WFS with an only ANDOR-EMCCD detector.

Next the cryostats a SH-WFS, for test and alignment purposes, can be seen.


The new DM module with the new SIMCAL integrated en the same module over an optical breadboard is showed in this picture.


Other perspective of DM+SIMCAL2 module mounted in ln Lab.


One more, now in telescope.


Plan-B and Plan-C in action on GRACE Nasmyth focus of WHT.


The original picture of our banner.


Detailled view of Pick-Off masks and SCI (plan-C) Andor Detector mounted in WHT.


A picture during the calibration process of DM.