CODEX technical details

Spectrograph global optical layout:

Light from fibers is processed by the anamorphic pupil slicer unit, near the centre of the instrument, creating two images of the fiber core and a 41.5x20 cm pupil is projected onto the echelle. A three mirror anastigmat collimator, used in double pass, collimates light onto a 1.7m R4-echelle where it is dispersed. A transfer collimator creates a collimated beam for each dispersed image, where a dichroic is placed and splits the light into two arms, optimized for blue and red spectral ranges. Slanted VPHG acts as cross-disperser and beam compressor as well. Finally the cameras focus light on the detectors. [Credit: F. M. Zerbi, L. Pasquini, P. Spanò, B. Delabre, H. Dekker, A. Manescau].



Vacuum Vessel concept:

Translucent image. 3D view. This concept has a double wall vacuum vessel (based on HARPS experience), the internal wall allows the system to be sealed and isolated to operate at vacuum conditions, and the external wall allows dry air at a highly stable temperature to be blown between both walls. [Credit: F. Tenegi].