Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife, Spain

January 24th - 28th 2000

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General aims

The recent discoveries of extrasolar planets and the progress in studies of disks around pre-main and main sequence stars highlight the need of a better understanding of the formation and evolution of planetary systems. Many groups and observatories are undertaking significant efforts towards these goals. The allocation for international observations at the Canary Islands Observatories in 1998 was fully devoted to studies related to these topics, making use of spectroscopic, polarimetric and optical to near-IR photometric techniques. The conference is the frame in which the large amount of data collected with the facilities in the Canary Islands will be presented. Moreover contributions from participants addressing theoretical models and observations in all wavelength ranges will provide an updated overview of the field. The conference will last five days (including a free afternoon) and will consist of sessions with invited and contributed talks and posters.

Sessions will devoted to:
(a) PMS objects: circumstellar (protoplanetary) disks around protostellar objects, PMS stars and Vega-type stars
(b) Planetesimals in PMS and MS stellar systems
(c) Planets around stars
(d) Searches for planets
(e) Impact on planetary system studies of future space and ground-based facilities

A registration form, general conference information, as well as hotel and local information are presented in this announcement.

Scientific and Local Organizing Committees

The membership of the scientific (SOC) and Local (LOC) organizing committees is as follows:

E. van Dishoeck, C. Eiroa (chair), R. Ferlet, M. Mayor,
A. Natta, F. Paresce, A. Penny, A. Quirrenbach, H. Rauer,
L.F. Rodriquez, P.R. Wesselius, D. de Winter

F. Garzon (chair), H.J. Deeg, B. Montesinos, M. Murphy, D. de Winter

Scientific programme

A detailed scientific programme will be elaborated in the next few months.

* Invited talks, 45min including 5min discussion
* Contributed talks, 25min including 5min discussion
* Poster exhibitions and sessions, dimensions will be issued in the 2nd announcement

Invited speakers and topics

From disks to planetsA Boss
The evolution of protoplanetary disksS. Ruden
Observational aspects of protostellar disksPaul H. Ho
Accretion disksL. Hartmann
Disks around T Tauri stars: images from the mm to near IRA. Dutrey
Disks and Planets in binary systemsA. Burkert
Spectroscopy: solid body evidences in PMS starsC. Grady
Photopolarimetric activity of PMS starsV. Grinin
ISO observations of PMS & Vega starsM. van den Ancker
Mid-infrared observations of disksC. Telesco
Smm observations of pre-solar dust disksW. Holland
Models of MS disks/beta PicA. Lecavelier
Exoplanet searchesM. Mayor
Abundances in stars with planetsG. Gonzalez
Transport processes in brown dwarfs and exo-planetary atmospheresT. Guillot
Kuiper-Belt bodiesJ. Luu
Planet detection via microlensingM. Dominik
Detection of planets via transitsT. Brown
Planet searching from the ground. Can the VLTI help?A. Glindenmann
Ground based projects MMA/LSAS. Guilloteau
Space based optical projectsM. Shao
Infrared space interferometryM. Fridlund
Conference summaryA. Natta

The SOC has invited the above speakers to cover the frame of the scientific aims and purposes of the conference. Ample time is available for contributed talks. However, the preliminary registration pointed to a large number of oral contributions as such that a severe selection, based on the abstract, by the SOC must be made. Sessions are scheduled for visiting the poster exhibitions during the whole conference. Also here a selection might be necessary as the number of poster contributions for the conference proceedings will be 60. Other posters may be shown only when enough panels are available. All participants who wish to present a contribution to this Conference are, therefore, kindly requested to submit an abstract, with a maximum of 20 lines, of their talk and/or poster BEFORE OCTOBER 1st, 1999. You can do this by filling in the appropriate ABSTRACT FORM, or by replying with the completed (latex) file provided at the end of this announcement.

Participants will receive a booklet containing the abstracts of all the contributions at the conference desk.

Conference contributions will be presented in a dedicated proceedings book and will be offered to all participants as being part of their registration fees. Negotiations with different publishers are still in progress. All further information on the proceedings, number of pages per contribution and deadlines, will be issued in the second announcement.

Sunday, January 23Registration and welcome cocktail
Wednesday, January 25Free afternoon
Thursday, January 26Conference dinner
Monday-Friday 09:00-13:15Morning sessions
Monday-Friday 13:15-15:15Lunch
Monday-Friday 15:15-18:30Afternoon sessions
Morning sessions might vary a bit in time. For lunch ~2hrs will be available, as restaurants are mostly down! town. It is advisable to take a shared taxi back up!, costs about 500 psts. Morning and afternoon sessions both have coffee breaks of about 30min.


For your registration as participants please use a REGISTRATION FORM or by e-mailing the form provided below to before October 1st, 1999. Even after pre-registration you are kindly requested to complete a registration form to confirm your attendance. We would appreciate sending us the abstract of your contributions at the same time as indicated above. Full registration fee is 30,000 Pesetas (~$US 210 or ~180 Euros) and includes the abstract and proceeding booklets, welcome cocktail, refreshments during the coffee breaks and the conference diner. Not attending the conference diner does not mean a discount on the fee!

The fee is to be paid in Pesetas by:
indicate in registration form

  • Cash, preferred, easier and relatively cheap.
  • Bank transference (note that we might charge you the transference costs!)
    Bank name: Banco Bilbao Vizcaya
    Bank address: C/ Obispo Rey Redondo, 25
    E-38201 La Laguna, Tenerife
    Canary Islands, Spain
    Full account number: 0182 0772 45 0000 134741
    (Bank: 0182; Branch: 0772; Sorting code: 45; Account number: 0000 134741)

    Please indicate the following with your bank transfer: "PDD, January 2000".

  • Credit cards: possible only by VISA or MASTER-CARD but not AMEX! Please provide your credit card number and expire date.
  • Cheques (in Pesetas) payable to the Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias are also accepted.

    Unfortunately, the LOC has no funds for full grants. We might, therefore, consider only a very limited number of requests for financial support. Note: there are many relative cheap charter flights from Europe to Tenerife, see below. Also full packet travel arrangements might be a cheap solution, but make shure that your hotel is located in, or near, Puerto de la Cruz. January is "high" season though, so any of such arrangements should be made fairly soon.

    Registration:OCTOBER 1,1999
    Submitting abstracts:OCTOBER 1,1999
    Hotel booking: OCTOBER 1,1999
    2nd announcement: NOVEMBER 15, 1999
    (includes scientific programme)
    3rd announcement:DECEMBER 30, 1999
    (short notice with updated information)

    Inquiries about the meeting can be e-mailed to the address:
    or post to:
    Monica Murphy
    (Disks, Planetesimals & Planets Meeting)
    Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias
    c/ Via Lactea s/n
    38200 La Laguna.
    Tenerife. Spain

    Information on EXPORT can be obtained at:

    First announcement || Registration form || Abstract form || Hotel info || Travel+Local info || Canary Islands

    For any further questions, suggestions and other comments, please contact the LOC by e-mail

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