Southern H-ATLAS Regions Ks-band Survey

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The SHARKS fields have been chosen to overlap with three fields of the H-ATLAS survey. H-ATLAS is the widest survey carried out by the Herschel Space Observatory and has mapped ~600 deg2 in five far-IR photometric bands, from 160 μm to 500 μm, with PACS and SPIRE instruments (Eales et al. 2010, PASP, 122, 499). H-ATLAS has detected approximately 400,000 galaxies from the nearby Universe out to redshifts of 6, when the Universe was less than a billion years old.

We observe the following equatorial and southern H-ATLAS fields: GAMA 12 (~37.5 deg2), GAMA 15 (~37.5 deg2), and the South Galactic Pole (~225 deg2). These fields have been observed by several optical and near-infrared surveys, such as VIKING , HSCDES , GAMA , among others, as well as they will be covered by the future LSST and Euclid projects. In total, our survey consists of abour 200 pointings/tiles, each one visited 7 times. In total, we observe each tile for about 6 hrs.