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Job opportunities

2 postdoctoral contracts in astrophysics - deadline 31.05.2017

Within the IAC postdoctoral program, the selected candidates will join one or more of the groups of research of the IAC to develop their research. Candidates should indicate in their statement of interest which group(s) they would like to collaborate with. One of the positions will be offered to a young researcher with promising history of publications and skills developed during the PhD, and the other to a more experienced researcher with a scientific record of excellence. The contracts have duration of three years.

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5 PhD positions at the IAC (research project offered by our group) - deadline 31.03.2017

The IAC (Tenerife, Spain) invites applications for FIVE PhD fellowships in Astrophysics. The research topics pursued at the IAC include most areas of Astrophysics: solar physics, planetary systems, stellar and interstellar physics, galaxy formation and evolution, and cosmology and astroparticle physics (...)

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15.02.2016 - Third chapter of a series of outreach videos produced by the IAC within the Severo Ochoa program. This time about galaxies. Featuring Inma Martínez Valpuesta and myself, among the others. Watch it on YouTube.

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Recently submitted articles

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Simulation video published on the IAC YouTube channel

12.03.2015 - The outreach video made in collaboration with the IAC UC3 division shows the formation of a cluster of galaxies. The simulation was performed with the cosmological code Anarchy, and post-processed with Splotch. Many thanks to Inés, Iván, Nayra and the UC3 for the post-production of the movie. Watch it on YouTube.

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