Commissioning 1:

After the transport and integration of EMIR in the GTC Nasmyth focus, on 12th June 2016 has begun the commissioning phase (scientific and engineering team).

Day 1

This day was the first contact of the scientific team after the integration in GTC.
The first steps were:

Fig. Example of a CSU (55 bars) configuration used for the focus and detector characterization.



Day 2 (first light day)

The morning and afternoon before the first light. Some previous tasks were improved; and the flexures of the detector and its DTU correction were tested and characterized. This behaviour was calibrated during the AIV, but we will repeat that calibration table during all the commissioning phase (possible changes during the travel and GTC integration, using the GTC rotator, etc.).


The day 13th June 2016 EMIR has received the first light from the sky. Specifically at 21:38. It was NGC5053, an open cluster with high concentration of stars in the center. The first light was taked in J band, with several exposition times. The pointing and exposure were an absolute success. Since the first attempt we were able to identify the stars in the field using the finding chart. The center of the field was located at the center of EMIR!.

Fig. Open cluster NGC5053 in J band. First EMIR (image with only a basic reduction).


In the following days we will analyze these images using existing catalogs to check the astrometry and limiting magnitudes.

Something also important was taking the initial sky flats on all bands. At first glance and with appropriate analysis tools, they seem to be quite homogeneous and very similar to the AIV flats.


Fig. Flat-field image in K-short


A preliminary check of the EMIR rotation center was done. EMIR is very well centered when GTC rotate. We will repeat this test in this phase.

Fig. EMIR rotation center


Day 3:

After the "fist day light":


Fig. Spectral calibrations in K-short band using Xe, Ne and Ar arcs.



Day 4:

This day some task were repeated and improved.



Day 5:

Day 6:

Day 7:


Day 8-10:


Images from the first coommisioning (see the gallery here)

After this first commissioning period some useful data and also pretty pictures have been taken.