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The newsletter of the SIE de Investigación y Enseñanza N. 13 - November 2006

Moodle installed at IAC

Moodle is a very popular course management system that can help teachers to build quality on-line courses. It is very flexible and it can aid in developing courses with very different on-line content and approach: from simply storing educational content (HTML pages, PDF documents, etc.) to highly complex courses with individualized lessons, tests, etc. This interesting platform is now installed in the IAC external server, and anyone can give it a try by just going to and following its instructions (and by attending the next SIEminar, see below).

Next SIEminar: Introduction to Moodle, November 15th, by Ángel de Vicente

In order to help you get started with Moodle, our next SIEminar will be a gentle introduction to its many features. The aim of the talk is not to turn you into an expert Moodle user, but rather to give you the chance of understanding how easy it can be to prepare your course to be partially delivered on-line. We will start by simulating the case of a teacher with no much spare time to learn a new software (most of us?), and who just wants a simple webpage to put up some online materials. We will build up on this, and show some other interesting features of Moodle, like on-line assignment submission, surveys, tests, etc.

Software updates

Recently, we have updated the following software packages (in Linux): cdsclient to v2.85; LyX to v1.4.3; Grace to v5.1.20; HEAsoft to v6.1.1; Aladin to v3.7; Specview to v2.12.2; SExtractor to v2.5.0. Please note that from now on all software updates will be done only in Linux.

"Latest Advances in Computer Science" Seminar

On Friday, November 10th, the "Latest Advances in Computer Science" Seminar will take place at the ETSII (ULL). The seminar consists of 5 computer science talks of the utmost interest, given by prestigious researchers in their respective fields. Further information about this seminar can be found at

Building a Virtual Cluster with Xen (Part Two) published

In the September Newsletter we announced the publicaction of the first part of an article by Ángel de Vicente explaining how to build a Virtual Cluster with Xen. The second part of this article saw the light during the month of October, published again in the ClusterMonkey on-line magazine. Besides the article, Ángel has made available the complete cluster image at, in case someone wants to try the Virtual Cluster without all the work of following all the steps in the article. Happy clustering!

Marta reloaded

Marta is SIE's development web server, in which for the last years we have been building several web applications and web pages. In order to improve its functionality we have updated marta's hardware to a Pentium 4 at 3GHz and 1GB RAM memory, to cope with the increasing number of applications runinng there.
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