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Professional section:

Publications can be found here

Hans' collection of useful IDL routines (direct link to UTM Universal Transit Modeler)

vaphot/vanaliz a differential photometry package for IRAF/IDL

My professional interests are centered on the detection and characterization of extrasolar planets, mainly with the transit method.

Click on image for enlargement.

Lightcurve of transit of the planet of HD209458, observed on 26 Jul2000 at the 0.9m Sierra Nevada telescope (IAA, Granada) by Deeg and Garrido.
Animations showing the transit of the planet: gif  (380kb) or  a smoother mpeg one (530kb, needs mpeg player installed)

Some current projects are:

PLATO: Participation in this ESA space mission with a focus on the detection of circumbinary planets

Handbook of Exoplanets by Springer Verlag: Together with Juan Antonio Belmonte, I am Editor in Chief of this reference work

KESPRINT: Detection and Characterization of planets in K2 mission data

Previous projects:

Spanisch participation in the COROT satellite 
density maps of COROT exoplanet fields (version oct04, pdf file)
density maps of COROT exoplanet fields (old version 7may04, individual graphs) 

PASS, a Permanent All Sky Survey for the detection of transiting planets

The Eddington satellite , an astroseismology/exoplanets mission by ESA, cancelled in Dec. 2003.

The TEP project, a search for Transits of Extrasolar Planets around eclipsing binary stars (project finished in 2001).

Personal stuff

"Der lange Weg vom Schüler zum Profi-Astronomen" an article about my career as an astronomer (in german)

My hometown: Bad Mergentheim

There are many impressive places on the Canary Islands - great if you like photography. Below an image of Comet Hyakutake on 26 March 1996 over Mt. Teide, which is also the highest mountain of Spain.

Photos from the Canary Islands can be found here.

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