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The FRIDA Project

Instrument Overview

Science Drivers

IAC Contribution

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Sky coverage with AO with natural or laser guide star

Other NIR instruments

IAC programs on high spatial resolution techniques and atmospheric optics


Database (internal)

The IAC is responsible for the design, fabrication and commissioning of the following subsystems:

FRIDA control system:

1. Software development:
  • DAS (Data Acquisition System)
  • CO (Coordinated Operations)
  • OPMT (Observing Program Management Tools)
  • High Level Mechanisms Control Hard/Soft
2. Detector
  • Hawaii-II characterization
  • Detector Controller
  • Fan-out Board
FRIDA system engineering

FRIDA configuration management, including all interfaces and coordination of requirements:
  • Specifications & EBs Management
  • System Architecture
  • Interfaces Management
  • Quality Assurance
  • Trade-Off Studies
  • Engineering Models
  • RAM Analysis
  • Risk Analysis
  • Maintenance/Users Manuals
  • Configuration Control & Project Intranet

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