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The FRIDA Project

Instrument Overview

Science Drivers

IAC Contribution

IAC Project Team

Sky coverage with AO with natural or laser guide star

Other near-IR IFUs

IAC programs on high spatial resolution techniques and atmospheric optics


Database (internal)

Science group: responsabilities

M. A. Prieto - IAC Principal Investigator: observing modes, observing tools, pipeline, calibration, commisioning, ETC, science programs
J. Acosta: ETC

Former members:
A. Marin:  quick-time analysis (till 2009)

Engineering group: responsabilities

J. Patron:  project manager
E. Joven: system control, detector
M. Aguiar: High level software

New engineer: High level software

Former members:
J. Fuentes:  system engineering (till Nov. 2009)
C. Alvarez:  GTC-AO specialist (till August 2014)
J. Marcos de la Rosa:  high level software (till 2016)
C. Augusto Roman: high level software, OPMS (till 2019)
J. J. Diaz: system control, detector (till 2019)

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