Welcome to renewed interface of the IACOB spectroscopic database!

IACOB is an ambitious long-term observational project whose main scientific goal is to provide a complete and statistically significant empirical overview of the physical properties of Galactic massive OB-type stars. The ultimate objective of the project is that the compiled information can be used as a strong and long-lasting anchor point for our theories of stellar atmospheres, winds, interiors and evolution of massive stars.

This is the interface to have access to the spectra compiled during more than 12 years in the framework of the IACOB project: the so-called IACOB spectroscopic database. While not all the spectra are publicy available yet, we quote all the compiled observations for reference purposes, The different data releases (DRx) will be conveniently announced; in the meanwhile people interested in specific (samples of) spectra can contact the PI of the project by email: ssimon [at] iac.es.

More details about the project can be found in the project webpage .

The IACOB spectroscopic database mainly comprise observations made with the FIES instrument attached to the 2.56-m Nordic Optical Telescope and the HERMES spectrograph attached to the 1.2-m Mercator Telescope . In future developments, we plan to also incorporate data of Southern Galactic OB stars as obtained with the FEROS instrument (gathered from the ESO public archive ), as well as long-term medium and high cadence observations of a sample of about 40 Galactic O stars and B Supergiants, collected with the 1-m Hertzsprung-SONG and the 1.2-m STELLA telescopes.

NEWS (2020/06/21): The second data release -- which includes 552 FIES and HERMES spectra for more than 240 late- and mid-B stars with luminosity classes V, IV and III -- is now available!.

1035 Stars
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