The IACOB project has been funded along these years by:

Based on observations made with the Nordic Optical Telescope, operated by NOTSA, and the Mercator Telescope, operated by the Flemish Community, both at the Observatorio de El Rqoue de los Muchachos (La Palma, Spain) of the Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias.

SS-D wants to also kindly acknowledge the staff at the Nordic Optical Telescope and the Mercator telescope for their professional competence and always useful help during more than 100 observing nights between 2008 and 2020.

The renewed intercace of the IACOB spectroscopic database makes use of the SIMBAD database and the "Aladin sky atlas", both developed and operated at CDS, Strasbourg Observatory, France (see Wenger et al. 2000 , Bonnarel et al. 2000 and Boch et al. 2014 ).
The following people has participated at some point in one or several observing runs:

SS-D wants to also thanks some other observers at Mercator who have kindly agree to use some slots of their observing time to obtain some spectra for the IACOB project: Michael Abdul-Masih, David Aguado, Lola Balaguer, Paul Beck, Robin Bjorklunk, Julia Bodensteiner, Dominic Bowman, Siemen Burssens, Juan Carbajo-Hijarrubia, Tristan Cantat-Gaudin, Laia Casamiquela, Peter de Cat, Pieter Degroote, Emilio Gómez Marfil, Nicolas Lodieu, Jesús Maíz Apellániz, David Montes, Ehsan Moravveji, Ewa Niemczura, Peter I. Papics, Ádam Sódor, Andrew Tkachenko, Emilio Trigueros, Santiago A. Triana.