E-MILES models

Tarfiles with all the predictions for this set of models can be retrieved from here:

E-MILES models (v11.0)

We provide advanced tools to facilitate the retrieval, handling and transformation of the SSP spectra here

An illustrative example of a E-MILES SED corresponding to an SSP of [M/H]=+0.06 (orange) and [M/H]=-0.35 (olive green) metallicity and 12 Gyr, computed with the Kroupa Universal IMF. The model with subsolar metallicity has been shifted by + log Fλ = 1.5 for visibility.

We introduce here the new E-MILES stellar populations models covering the spectral range 1680−50000Å at moderately high resolution. We employ the NGSL space-based stellar library to compute spectra of single-age, single-metallicity stellar populations in the wavelength range from 1680 to 3540Å.

These models represent a significant improvement in resolution and age/metallicity coverage over previous studies based on earlier space-based libraries. These model spectra were joined with those we computed in the visible using MILES, and other empirical libraries for redder wavelengths. The models span the metallicity range −1.79 < [M/H] < +0.26 and ages above 30Myr, for a suite of IMF types with varying slopes.

The computed SSP spectra in the UV range cover 1680-3540Å, with constant resolution FWHM= 3Å for λ<3060Å and FWHM=5Å for 3060<λ<3540Å. These SSP spectra were joined to those computed with MILES (Sanchez-Blazquez et al. 2006) in the optical range, as well as with our models for redder wavelengths, all computed with the same code and prescriptions and employing empirical stellar libraries, i.e. Indo-US (Valdes et al. 2004), CaT (Cenarro et al. 2001a,b) and IRTF (Cushing et al. 2005; Raynier et al. 2009), to obtain self-consistent E-MILES SSP spectra covering the range λ 1680–50000Å at moderately high resolution (FWHM=2.5Å from 3540Å to 8950Å and σ=60 km s−1 for larger wavelengths). The figure below shows those variations. The exact changes are tabulated in the following file: e-miles_spectral_resolution.dat

Spectral resolution of the E-MILES SEDs Spectral resolution of the E-MILES SEDs