Line Index System (LIS)

In Vazdekis et al. (2010), we propose a new Line Index System, hereafter LIS, with three new spectral resolutions at which to measure the Lick indices. Note that this new system should not be restricted to the Lick set of indices in a flux calibrated system. In fact, LIS can be used for any index in the literature (e.g., for the Rose (1984) indices), including newly defined indices (e.g., Cervantes & Vazdekis 2009).


The LIS system is defined for 3 different spectral resolutions which are best suited for the following astrophysical cases:

Conversions to transform the data from the Lick/IDS system to LIS can be found here

Tables with index measurements in the new system for popular samples of Milky Way globular clusters, nearby elliptical galaxies and bulges can be found in here. For this purpose we use index tables already published by other authors, and transform them into the new system.

In addition, to aid the user, we provide the user for appropriate tools to facilitate the retrieval, handling and transformation of the SSP spectra at different LIS resolutions here