The Catalogue

The catalogue provides information for each MILES star, as well as an individual link to its corresponding FITS spectrum. The last column of the table shows those stars in common with the Ca II triplet stellar library (indicated by their corresponding ID number in that library).

MILES numbers stars are assigned by the increasing RA(J2000). Spectral types and atmospheric parameters (Teff, logg and [Fe/H]) are those given in the Paper II of the MILES series (see papers). Stars in common with other optical stellar libraries are indicated in the "Libraries" column with the following codes: "L" (Lick/IDS; Gorgas et al. 1993, Worthey et al. 1994), "J" (Jones 1997), "S" (STELIB; Le Borgne et al. 2003), "E" (ELODIE; Prugniel & Soubiran 2004) and "I" (INDO-US; Valdes et al. 2004).

An ASCII version of the catalogue can be downloaded from here.

[f] = Field;  [c] = Cluster

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Name RA Dec E(B-V) SpT Teff logg [Fe/H] Vmag Libs CaT #
HD224930 [f] 00:02:10.2+27:04:56.30.011G3 V53054.49-0.755.75L I E673
HD225212 [f] 00:04:30.1-10:30:34.20.204K3Ibvar41660.950.024.953I0
HD225239 [f] 00:04:53.8+34:39:35.30.05G2V57754-0.456.1I E0
HD000004 [f] 00:05:09.2+30:19:44.40.037F063803.010.37.770
HD000249 [f] 00:05:09.2+30:19:44.40.037K1IV47172.4-0.347.33J I158
HD000319 [f] 00:07:46.9-22:30:310.012A1V81403.8-0.75.9420
HD000400 [f] 00:08:40.9+36:37:37.60.007F8IV62054.12-0.336.223J I E0
HD000245 [f] 00:08:50.8+86:47:16.40G2V53484.5-1.168.37E0
HD000448 [f] 00:09:02.4+18:12:43.20.025G9III47102.560.055.5650
BD+130013 [f] 00:12:30.3+14:33:48.60.011K050003-1.318.590
HD000886 [f] 00:13:14.2+15:11:010.015B2IV215813.860.062.83I E0
HD001326B [f] 00:18:22.9+44:01:22.40.001M6 V33305.08-1.411.04L691
HD001461 [f] 00:18:41.9-08:03:10.80.044G0V58084.390.26.46L160
HD001918 [f] 00:23:43.2+45:05:20.80.037G9III48652.01-0.557.62J I161
HD002628 [f] 00:30:07.4+29:45:05.80.012A7III73253.5905.219I E0
HD002665 [f] 00:30:45.4+57:03:53.60.051G5IIIwe50132.35-1.967.75L I E162
HD002796 [f] 00:31:16.9-16:47:40.90.01Fw49451.36-2.318.51I E0
HD002857 [f] 00:31:53.8-05:15:42.90A2 (HB)74502.6-1.69.95L I163
HD003008 [f] 00:33:14.3-10:43:42.60.02K043310.84-1.879.70
HD003369 [f] 00:36:52.8+33:43:09.50.025B5V152764.1-0.24.335E0